Welcome to Nyannet,

Chances are if your reading this its your first time to the site, or maybe your just curious about what this site is all about. Well I will tell you. Nyannet is a blog, a Hobby blog to be precise; about anime, figures, movies, food, my dog, and life as a web designer and developer etc. I also use it as a place to keep up on my design and programming.

Ok, so whats with the name?

Moving on...

About Me

Wouldn't you like to know! Oh really.. you would? Thats weird..... weirdo. But if you insist...

I am a 28 year old web designer and developer, currently residing in the midwest United States, and by midwest.. I mean right smack in the middle of the U.S. Which as you can see on this map..

..makes me geographically as far away from the things that I enjoy as possible. I don't know why the internet was invented but I would like to think it was for people like me; People far removed from things that interest them.

I work for a decent sized technology company as a Web Developer and Designer. I spend my days drinking coffee, designing and developing web interfaces, and wondering what it would be like to be a robot. *sip* Maybe a dinosaur robot. Yeah.

I watch anime, play video games, read a lot, and practice Hapkido.

Also I have an awesome dog ^^