Cold and Flu Season


Despite my earlier vehement denial on twitter that I was getting sick, I am in fact getting sick. Which is why I spent most of
today (after work) sleeping. However around 10pm I though it might be a good idea to go and pick up supplies.

I have always been curious about the different ways people go about dealing with illness. Mine is to actively try to beat the disease with little or no medication. This might be strange to some people who head right to the DayQuil at the first signs of a cold, but personally I have had better results through nutrition and keeping hydrated than I ever have when taking medicine. I am also not one of those pro-active individuals who goes and gets vaccinated for everything that comes out each year, with good reason. The one year I got a flu shot, not only did I get the flu but I got pneumonia as well... over X-mas break.

So at 10pm I rolled out of bed, bundled up, and headed to the 24 hour grocery in my neighborhood where I got my usual supplies.


As you can see I mainly get vitamin C stuff and various nutritional supplements, some sparkling water, and some Ludens. Now you may be wondering "What is the Tang and Lemonade-Ice tea for?". That my precious readers, is for an unholy concoction that has gotten me through more illnesses than I dare count. I have two theories to how this mystic brew actualy aids in the speedy recovery from illness. The first is that it has vitamins and minerals in it as well as some other soothing herbs and spices and since it is served hot it helps just like any other hot drink helps. The second is that since it tastes a little bit like holiday potpourri your body forcibly makes itself better so that you stop having to drink it.

IMG_0235 Here it is mixed. Note that you do not drink it like sludge, I just used this container to mix it. You only need about two table spoons per cup.


The final product. I won't tell you the proportions since it a closely guarded secret, and it may be classified as unsafe by the FDA, but the ingredients are as follows.

Lemonade Ice Tea
Ground Cloves

I also discovered that when your local 24 hour grocery is getting re-modeled, apparently 10pm is the best time to be using jack-hammers... All in all its been a pretty eventful day and I hope to have some website updates and more interesting articles for you soon! Also Comments! They are on the way I promise :3.


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