This week I have another great game from Fantasy Flight Games: Drakon! If you are a board gamer, there are two things you know already.

1.)Fantasy Flight publishes quality games.

2.)Dragon's are awesome.

Already we have these to very compelling arguments to purchase this game, but if that isn't enough to convince you please read on. In fact, even if you are already convinced please read on. My "time spent on site" could use a boost, those random hits from Portugal are staying for shorter and shorter times. (5ms? either you're a bot or the fastest speed reader alive...or both.. I am watching you Portugal...)

Here we have the back with all of the important info, box contents, suggested ages and numbers of players. My one note on this is that you really should probably only play with 3 or more. The game largely uses "trip your fat friend you can escape the bear" tactics in order to win. With most 2 player games it is a battle between just the two of you, it is established in games like Battleship and Stratego that you guys are fighting each other. In Drakon you are adventurers trying to loot the shit out of a dragons lair before he/she finds you and turns you into adventuretots (it's like a tater tot but with armor and blood... and screaming), so technically you are not enemies, but your not friends either... this gray area makes things a little more brutal when you suddenly define your roles when you trap your now ex-friend in a room with a raging dragon. If there are three players however you can work together and all trip each other up in rock, paper, scissors fashion or just gang up on one. That way you still have one friend left to help you clean up your apartment and find all your precious board game pieces from the carpet, and possibly your flesh depending on how the betrayed friend takes it. (Not included Bactine and Band-aids)

Here we have most, if not all the contents of the box, this is most likely what it will look like when you open it to play. Don't worry, the tiles are supposed to be randomized so you don't have to sort them. :)

Now here is everything: reference cards, tiles, figures, coins, and hero tokens.

This is Drakon. Drakon likes gold, like all dragons.

Rule book, nice and short four god damned pages and that includes the main rules AND variant rules.

This is what your playing for, teh lootz. There is a dragon side and a numeric side, you want to keep the amount of coins you actually have (read "the numeric side") hidden because it tells the other players how close you are to winning the game.

These are Hero tokens, not used in the main part of the game, they are part of the variant. Sure look cool though.

Here is the main playing piece of the game, dungeon tiles. The dungeon grows organically as you explore which makes for a great play experience as it's fresh and new every time you play. If you were super crazy about the game you could in theory get additional boxes (there are also expansions available) and make a huge epic dungeon!

This is what you see when a tile is placed on the board but has not been explored yet. This also illustrates something I wish to caution you about. The tiles all come attached in sheets that need to be broken apart. If you want your game to look nice, take care when breaking or use a hobby knife (exact-o) to separate them as you might get tears if you don't. Someday when I am bored or ill, I will probably get a nice fat edged black sharpy and clean up these edges... because it does bother me... maybe to much.

Most tiles have some kind of action that is performed upon entering, this one teleports you to any tile on the board.

This one lets your friends know just where your relationship stands. (Mind control: lets you move their character which can be positive or negative for them.)

Other times the room is empty, save the spine of some creature crunching under your feet.

Here is the reference card that each player gets to let them keep track of what is going on in the dungeon.

It is usually shenanigans.

Of course you have all your important figures for a good old dungeon stroll. You have your dragon.

The Wizard who has apparently lost his hat. It's probably off segregating children somewhere.

The Dwarf with his Keg Hammer. It is a hammer that is also a keg, truly the pinnacle of dwarven innovation.

Booby McStabberson. It is an unspoken rule that male rogues are shadowy jerks and female rogues are sexy shadowy jerks. That is why most rogue figures are female, it makes being shived and having your shit stolen a little easier. Dying from massive blood and kidney loss isn't so bad when you see a chick in black thigh highs hiding your money down her provocative leather bustier.

The righteous paladin. If this were D&D the player is probably a stuffy jerk.. they tend to pick paladins.. law loving bastards. Drakon might be a good way to find out the D&D personalities of your friends before putting a campaign together. (Hint.. don't invite the paladin.. the only good paladin is a Anti-Paladin, and don't listen to their "Oh but I am aligned with a chaotic good deity... bullshit... every time my Forsaker wants to go a-whorin you're going to be a total dick about it....)

The all powerful Barbarian.

And the Archer... nobody wants to play the archer.

So what is Drakon ultimately like to play? Well if your an avid board gamer and I told you it is a bit like if RoboRally and Dungeons and Dragons had a lovechild you would know what I mean. If your not then it is a fun little game where you and your friends travel though an ever growing dungeon collecting loot and trying to screw each other over, it is a lot of fun and I highly recommend you pick it up if you see it.

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