Labor Day Weekend 2010


This weekend was Labor Day weekend, the three day weekend in the U.S. when we celebrate not working or something. I thought I would put up a quick little post about how I spent mine.

Labor day is one of those obscure federal holidays when people don't really know why they get a day off from work, they just take it and do some shit, but not very much as most places are closed. What it is known for is the semi-official end of "summer time" which tends to begin on Memorial day. In the U.S. most schools have let out or will be let out around Memorial day making it a kind of launch of summer holiday, it is one of the worst days of the year for people who go camping (like myself) to get away from people as just about every campground is stuffed to the brim with RV's and Tents, and the types of people that bring window air conditioners to cool their tents. Labor Day is much the same in that it is the end of summertime and the same things occur. Probably and most sacredly in the state I live in, is that it is the beginning of FOOTBALL SEASON. I put that in caps because I don't think I have ever heard the phrase in a normal speaking voice, it is quite always said as "FOOTBALL SEASON!!!" or just "FOOTBALL" and degenerates slowly into chest bumping and various hoots and grunts. Having lived in the state of Nebraska all my life you begin to subconsciously plan your life around football, whether you follow it or not. If you are a football fan you suddenly have football church several times a week, with big important ceremonies every weekend or so. For individuals like myself who's extent of football knowledge is entirely derived from NFL Blitz on the N64 it is a much different time. Firstly, I have probably eluded to this before, I live in Lincoln, NE; i.e. the home of the Nebraska Huskers, a once feared and respected football team that is still much watched but in a rather definitive slump right now, just don't mention that to the people that live here and have entire wardrobes of red and black and spray painting their lawn Husker colors. As a resident of Lincoln it is a huge pain on game day as half the god damn state shows up and many fans from around the country flock in and make almost the entire center of Lincoln and the area around the stadium useless and impassible. Then the people who have traveled tend to make a "weekend of it" and fuck around in town for a bit, not knowing how to drive and generally ruining the places I like to visit.

Now then, I should assure you I am not adverse to all sports, I really enjoy watching baseball. Mainly because of the individual seating, and the more relaxed atmosphere. As such, this past friday I found myself at a Minor League baseball game featuring the Lincoln Saltdogs.

I really enjoy watching these games. The crowd is just the right amount of rowdy, jeering at the right parts, and laughing and just having a general good time.

This game was a little more serious. This was one of the championship games so the teams were a little more tense and serious about the outcome. This lead to the game going a whopping 13 innings and ended, sadly, with the Saltdogs loosing by one run.

Saturday was spent with the main objective being to avoid all of the Husker fans pouring into Lincoln and having a peaceful Saturday. This lead me out of town and down to Nebraska City which is a cute little town along the state border that is famous for being home to Arbor Lodge the home of Sterling Morton, the founder of Arbor day. As you can imagine, the town has some pretty amazing tree's. Which is great, since most of Nebraska looks like the picture above.

Toshiro was super excited about going on a road trip.

The plan was to go to a nice little park and have a picinic. Luckily the plan went accordingly and a great little park was found with some lovely picinic spots.

The tree's in the area were not very old, but they made for some great shade. There were quite a few other picnickers in the park and some family reunions but there was enough areas that everyone was able to spread out and keep to themselves which was nice.


I see lots of pictures of Shiba's in this position... I didn't take a video but I should have. Toshi was crawling like a marine in the sand usually sniffing as he goes and bothering the daddy long leg spiders.

Here he is almost getting one. If you are curious about how he is rigged up.. the collar had become loose because of general wear and his shedding of his undercoat recently; unfortunatly the only harness I had to keep him from potentially slipping free was his car harness... so its kind of a jury rigged system I had together until I got his new Lupine Combo Collar.. which arrived a day later. (It's amazing btw)

The picinic was relatively simple, soda, chips, sandwich, and a banana (not pictured).

I prefer digital photography but my accomplice loves the look of Polaroids and tends to take this thing around to any fun occasion.

I happen to have one of many Polaroid apps on my phone that I used to take a mock Polaroid picture. "Not as good as a real one." was the final verdict, but I did hear some mumblings about suddenly wanting an iPhone.

I took quite a few pictures of the trees because they were very interesting. The area was mostly black walnut with some scrub oaks which have very distinctive crooked and knobbly look to them.



There was a very interesting trunk in the area that facinated me greatly. I couldn't tell if it was caused by disease or insects but it was quite large and fun to look at.

Park Staff 1: Look at this grand trunk!

Park Staff 2: I know, right? Isn't it amazing what nature can do.

Park Staff 1: Sure is. We should put a big blue rubbish bin by it.

Park Staff 2: Oh yes, most definitely, a big dirty blue rubbish bin is just what this area needs.

Park Staff 1: And a table, don't forget a table! It should be right up against it if possible.

Park Staff 2: Yes, yes, indeed lets do that.

In all seriousness and reality, the bench was probably moved by visitors and the bin put there so that the hole in the tree wasn't used for trash.. but still... why!!!!

Tree trunk or lair of a nameless god? Both?

Any minute now I am going to see eyes appear or a dark hand reach out.

Drove around the Arbor Lodge area.

There were trees, as you may imagine.

Rather large trees. The park was nice, but it was a bit creepy as it was kind of disheveled and not as well kept as some parks.. giving it a bit of a Blair Witch vibe. Like if I got out of the car and decided to film myself I might start dripping snot on lens and become incapable of holding the camera still.

Next stop was Kimmel Orchard. A University of Nebraska agriculture project that sells some pretty great goods, and hella good apples and other fruits. As you can see we all drive modestly sized vehicles here in the states...

I happen to have a 07 Toyota Corolla and when I am on the Interstate I feel a little bit like I am in this scene. As the humans...

Inside the lighting was not so hot for picture taking but I managed to take a few to give you an idea of what is there.


Jams, preserves, jellys, and sauces, as well as various pickled things.

Ambrosia.. you know the usual. Did I say Ambrosia? I meant Creamed Honey... this stuff is really.. really amazing.

After that it was a quick drive back into town and some home made pizza. (Delivery takes forever during the game and I wanted some walnut pizza.)

Sunday and Monday I spent mostly on some secret projects I hope I can share with you soon, as well as catching up on my reading. I started The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series and so far its pretty good. My main complaints is that they remind me a bit to much of the A Wrinkle in Time series and there are several kind of buzzy words that set the books in a very definite time period, which establishes when the events take place, but will make it sound a bit dated in the near future. Words like iPod, Prius, Quake, and Doom, while helping to set the books happenings around 2001ish when all of those various things would interconnect in every day language, it feels a bit as if the author is touching on things he doesn't posses an intimate knowledge of. It's kind of like when a motivational speaker comes to your school and has just enough information fed to him or researched to know who your school rival is and some general campus knowledge and jokes to make you uncomfortable with the mask he is presenting you, suddenly you feel as if you are being sold something you may not want. The tricksters mask falls off so to speak. It isn't enough to put me off the series, having one of the characters throw out the line "It is now only just the beginning." at the end of the first book almost was (no lie that's how the 1st book ends), but I will finish the series and reserve my judgment till then.

Anyway it was a good weekend all around and I am not looking forward very much to going to work tomorrow, just because I had a day off doesn't mean I had a day less of work. :)

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