Pumpkin Patch 2010


It has become a tradition of mine to return to the same pumpkin patch every year since I first discovered it in my senior year of college. The pumpkin patch is a few miles away from the small village where I lived in an old school house turned apartments which itself was about 15 minutes away from my school. It was an amazing place to live, and my favorite thing about living there was visiting the pumpkin patch every weekend when it opened to have hot dogs, and smores, homemade fudge, and pumpkin ice cream. As you can imagine, it makes me a little nostalgic when I travel back each year. I imagine some day I will live to far away to venture back, but this year I was able to make it out again.

Also according to tradition, despite the forecast saying it would be warm and sunny it was cool and overcast.

It looks like they got some new chickens.

I met a rather distinguished looking goat.


This horse appears to want something from me...

As always there is the hillside slide. It seems to get bumpier and steeper every year...

The corn maze is rather ominous when you don't see other people for awhile...

Any minute now aHarvest Golem is going to appear...

There was a wooden bridge that you could go up on while you were in the maze to look out over the field. Not quite high enough to see which way was out though.

You were able to see a pretty good view of the countryside though.

Made it out of the maze (It was all rights to get out this year) and out to the actual pumpkin patch.

It was pretty picked over, being the week before Halloween and all. If I had made it out a bit sooner this whole area would be thick with grass and hidden pumpkins.

Its fun to see the families out with their kids. I love how kids always go to get the biggest pumpkin no matter how misshapen or difficult to carve it would be, if they have difficulty rolling it back they are happy.

This is where I mention how much I love my D90... when I was out last year I just had my CoolPix, which I still get great use out of when the SLR is to big to take, but man.. this thing makes pictures on its own.

I wonder some times if I made prints available if people would be interested in them.

I like to capture nostalgic images. When I took photography in College the professor always wanted us to take thought provoking imagery or "tasteful" nudes... he was a bit of a perv.. you can tell from his "tasteful" portfolio.. but I prefer images that make you want to experience what is going on in the picture, makes you want to go some where, to see something, to eat something.

Really surprised this little guy kept getting looked over, he was pretty much perfect. But I am sure he will find a good home.

Well that was this years trip to the pumpkin patch. I hope you enjoyed it and think about visiting a pumpkin patch near you!

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