Forbidden Island


 It's been a little while since I did a board game. For that I apologize and offer you this: My article on Forbidden Island.

 I love the tin container. Even high quality cardboard can't compare to the tin in longevity and travel readiness, however it does make it hard to stack in a game cupboard especially with the nice embossing.

Simple pieces with excellent compartment structure makes clean up and set up a breeze.

Here are all the game pieces laid out and separated.

Treasure cards.

Flood cards.I was really impressed with the artwork on these.

Adventurer cards. Adventurer occupation and ability is on one side, turn order and instructions on the other.

Adventurer markers. Very nice wooden markers gives a good classic feel to the game.

Island tiles. These are used to construct the island, the monochrome blue side indicates a tile is flooded.

Instructions. Short and sweet with some nice flavor text to get players into the game a bit.

Flood level indicator. You learn to hate this thing pretty quickly.

The treasures!!!

I had to take close up of these. They are all made out of plastic and they did a great job of making them desirable. You would understand what I meant if you could see them in person. They are just game pieces but they are so awesome you just want to collect them all.

Each one represents a different element. I thought it was interesting how they decided to portray each one. The lion was air, this one is water, the next is earth and the final one is fire.

You thought earth would be a mountain, but no.. it is the power to crumble planets...

I think something psychological goes on with the fire treasure, it is the one that everyone wants to collect first. I think it is because the piece is just so perfectly sculpted and the clear plastic is just so shiny.

That is all of the pieces of Forbidden Island, so how about the game-play? The game pits players against time and an ever sinking island. The object of the game is to collect all of the treasures ,or as many as you can, before the island sinks. The players are all adventures that have to work together in order to gather the treasures and escape in time. It is a great premise and while there are many games that has players working together for a common goal, (Pandemic,Arkham Horror, Fury of Dracula to name a few) there are very few that do it well. Forbidden Island does it extremely well. With the holiday season upon us, and the urge for families to sit down and play games together I highly recommend scrapping games like Sorry and Monopoly and other "family favorites" that pit family members against each other and force the creation of obscure house rules just to keep the peace and pick up Forbidden Island. You will not be disappointed in fact it could be the only thing that saves your holiday from disaster this year. Go buy it. That is not a request or recommendation. Go.... BUY.... IT.

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