Red Rocks Colorado


OK so I had to write this before it was so far in the past I forgot about it, and then the pictures would just sit there and I would feel sad, for me, my camera, and Geology. About a month ago I visited Colorado, Denver specifically, to see some friends and have a good time. Being the good hosts that they are, they asked where I would like to go, I have already covered the Denver Museum of Science and Nature, the other place I wanted to go was Red Rocks. Upon telling my friends this we had a interesting exchange.

Friends: There arn't any concerts going on.

Me: Good. I don't want to see any concerts.

Friends: Its just the rocks then.

Me: Excellent.

Friends: Really thats all that is there, you will see the rocks and we will leave.

Me: Right. Sounds like a plan. Friends: You want to go to Red Rocks... for the rocks.

Me: It is in the name. I do have an interest in Geology you know. I Imagine its rather droll to you people who grew up in areas that had geological features, but as an individual who grew up where a lake or a hill was kind of a big deal this is rather exciting for me.

Friends: Ok then...

So here we are now, a month later, looking at pictures I took of some giant red rocks. I think they are rather stunning but maybe that is just me.

 Look at that shit, thats some mad sediment that is.

 Maybe I find these things interesting because I have an overactive imagination (still at 25). I look at this and I wonder what could live in the hole, perhaps what ever it is comes out at night and feeds on the dropped snacks of concert goers, or better yet it drinks in the raw emotion in the air when people gather.

 Maybe in a time erased from history, blood cults covered themselves in gore and exposed themselves to the moon from the rocks which look like the flayed muscles of the earth.


 Stupid dining venue, blocking my view of grass, and dirt, and the natural inclination of the earth.

 If you didn't know there was mountains behind that cast these shadows you might think some form of dirigible was heading towards the city to invoke some kind of clockwork justice upon the denizens below.


 Ok, so here is the concert dealie if you were curious about it. Basically man arrived in Colorado and saw these two great stones and thought to themselves, "Wouldn't it be great if we blew a hole between them so that people may ignore the beauty beside them and watch, instead, an AC/DC cover band murder "You shook me all night long." and so it was.

There was lots of people milling about. I think a reception of some kind had just gotten over and a wedding party was having their pictures taken. With the stage as the backdrop, mind you, not the colossal red rocks.. you know the 2 of them that have been together for millenia, not like there is symbolism there or anything. By all means take pictures of the stage, you know how many stage related marriages work out.

Ok enough bitterness. Red Rocks was cool. If you haven't had a chance to check them out you should, and if you like music I guess you could take in a band and a venereal disease. (Ok. Done now).

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