Thanksgiving, Desert Bus, and Child's Play 2010


Happy Thanksgiving (US) 2010!!

This year I have a couple of various Thanksgivings to go to so I decided to do my own personal Thanksgiving the weekend before. Here is how it went down.

The first thing was making a hearty breakfast so I wouldn't snack on what I was trying to cook. Pigs in a blanket (sausage wrapped in pastry) is one of my favorites. Sausage got a little extra crispy.

Next is the turkey. These things take a while to cook and then it needs to rest, so it needs to be started right away. I really like this recipe. Trust me, it is the perfect turkey recipe. The only way you can mess it up, is if you use a different recipe. This is the "before" picture, stuffed, seasoned, glazed and ready to be roasted.

Then you make everything else. Potatos, sweet potatos, stuffing, rolls, etc. They are all pretty easy and it isn't very hard to time them as you make them. While I worked Toshi mostly looked like the picture above.

When I wasn't preparing food I was waching Desert Bus, which you can watch here (as long as it is still live). This is probably why Toshiro was rather nonplussed about this past Saturdays activities. Saturday is usually his day.

But once the roasting turkey scent started to waft towards him from the oven he didn't mind so much.

Here is the full spread. Martha Stewart I am not, so the display is spartan. It works for me though.

OK Ready to eat now.

I did not make the galette... it just kind of showed up.

So if you follow my twitter you may have noticed me tweeting a lot about Desert Bus. It has become a tradition of mine to watch it and enjoy it, because it is awesome and supports Child's Play Charity, which I have supported since its inception. Obviously I support it because it is a great charity and it does great things but I have some personal reasons as well. As someone who grew up with chronic respiratory problems I spent a ton of time in hospitals, doctors offices, and stuck at home. If my parents hadn't provided me with video games, and books, and the like I probably would have gone mad. This year something really amazing happened on desert bus that reminded me of that time in the best of possible ways, Mark Rosewater called in to Desert Bus.

When I was in 6th grade (way back in 1996) I had to have my appendix out, all emergency like, as it was about to explode. It was a rather invasive surgery which left a considerable scar and a decent hospital visit. I had been playing Magic the Gathering for about a year, and Mark Rosewater's Magic: The Puzzling had recently come out. I didn't even know this book had come out mind you, but my gruff, Presbyterian minister father, in his desperation to cheer me up in the hospital, brought me a 4th edition starter and booster pack and the book. Considering that he was completely against me playing the game this was quite a big deal. It meant the world to me and I read it so many times the binding eventually gave out. I haven't played MTG in eight years and after hearing Mark and the guys on Desert Bus chat Magic up, I found myself purchasing two starter decks and a couple of boosters. It was like re-discovering an old friend.

The other reason I support the charity, is in memory of my older brother. I don't have many memories of him, he died when I was three and he was nine, but what memories I do have are pretty geeky. I remember listening to audio books with him on his StoryMagic Big Bird. Not just the books that came with it, but The Hobbit. Occasionally we played electronic football together (mostly just looked at the lights, the game is impossible to play). When he passed away, I had recently seen (been shown.. I was three after all) Star Wars, and my dad sat me down and explained that he, my brother, was a Jedi and had been absorbed into the force (I never really bought into that hole "heaven" thing). That's right, my older brother was a Jedi. So that's why every year I buy some toys for kids in hospitals, eat some turkey, and watch Desert Bus for Hope.

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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