24 Days of Lego: Day 11


Day 11. Been stuck pretty much inside all day because of some nasty winds, but at least we got some snow finally!!

Today is a torture device, a wall and shackle. There are numerous ways I could go with this. Perhaps the Queen is into that sort of thing etc. But I think this is a metaphor for the holidays. As much as you enjoy the holidays, you are forced to spend time with family, which can be torture... That's why the movie theaters and bowling alleys are open on Xmas (and Denny's). So that when you reach that critical breaking point (around 4 hours after opening presents) you can all go off and do something before you straight up murder each other. Right? Thats what everyones Xmas is like... I don't know.. I learned about Christmas from 90's holiday specials and National Lampoon. See you tomorrow for day 12!

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