24 Days of Lego: Day 24


Sorry.. the most important update was late... I thought I could keep this up from someone elses computer.. but someone else never updates their browsers... so it was to painful and time consuming. Lesson Learned? If I get some type of bonus at the end of the fiscal year like my companies CEO keeps saying we will probably have (unlike the last 2 years) then I am getting myself a wicked sweet laptop.

The final day you find yourself with this great Wizard Minifig. Now I already have three wizard Minifigs but they are all a bit different and this one looks like they gave him some pockets and more of a Sarumon-esque scowl. Merry Xmas everyone! If I can manage to get it done I may just have one last Lego related surprise in store for everyone tonight! (But possibly tomorrow...)

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