A Lego Kingdoms Yuletide Tale


I don't know about you, but when I played with Legos there was often this narrative going on in my mind. I think that is the great thing about Legos, they help unlock the imagination. As I was enjoying the Lego Kingdoms Advent Calendar I found that it is as true now as when I was eight. A narrative was forming in my mind. So I thought I would flesh it out a bit with a few more Lego bits and a bit of verse and see what happened. Here is the result.

The King lay dead, by treachery wrought
Life strength drained, by poisonous draught

The plan of the Queen, to fruition brought
The throne empty, for offspring begot

But before King made, must prince prove
By blood and steel, his worth behoove

With Kings councilors, she did conspire
To draw old kingdoms, hate and ire

So battle brought, before men and all
the princes hope, to bring old lords fall

From east came, Wayland's Fold
Woodsmen, archers, green men of old

Corin From southland came, the dragons fire 
Lord Corin the Bold, and the sorcerer Gyre
From north hills came, the dead kings kin
Robert the Wyrm, and the wizard Turin

The armies gathered, before the black keep
Life blood of Queen and pup, they came to reap

Wise magus gathered, a council called
Before grim bastion, the kings seat walled

A duel of honor, between brother and son
For the gold bearers seat, a kingdom won

Robert the northman, his blows of thunder
threw down weak prince, sword and shield asunder

The prince defeated, by trial of steel
His judgment come, by block did kneel

Robert Crowned, above headless dead
The Queen wept, the snows stained red

In dungeon deep, the woman scorned
With treacheries fruit, her cell adorned

Under Robert King, old kingdoms allied
in mirth and merriment, during feast of Yuletide

Notes: The weird/cheesy photoshopping was inspired by early Lego boxes which used bright primary colors. Example
I also used it to focus the shot on what I wanted you to see as well as representing the memory and nostalgia around Lego's that I enjoy.

No I am not really that bad at photoshop... it was a style choice.. get over it.

The style of the verse is rhyming couplets inspired by Nordic heroic poetry... I may or may not have achieved what I wished with this.. who knows.. I wrote it in like 30 minutes.

There is lots of other stuff I snuck in there that I find personally funny/interesting if you figure some out and tweet or email them to me we can have a chuckle together.

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