The Other Azusa


Yes it is, but not the Azusa you expect... this is a clever forgery.

A very, very clever forgery. This is a figure I got for Xmas, and not from someone who would easily make a mistake. No this was a gift from a person who researches anything they purchase to make sure they get it right.

The only warning signs from the sale (an ebay pickup) was the price being $20 with free shipping, and the fact that GoodSmile Company was not listed in the auction text. However it was in the pictures and looked legit. The seller even had excellent reviews.

It was shipped straight to me so the giver (gifter?) never got a chance to inspect it on arrival.

But even then, it would be very hard to tell the difference. On the left is the GoodSmile figure box, on the right is the imitation. The plastic wasn't upside down when I got it... just look at the box design...

As you can see, there are very few differences between the two.

In fact I didn't start to suspect anything until I got all the pieces out and unwrapped.

When I saw the unpainted joints.

The shiny finish on the faces (unpainted).

The accessories are a little off.



Don't get me wrong. The figure is still very good, totally worth $20, and still very cute. It just doesn't match my other figures.

As it turned out the person who bought it is a big K-On fan too, just not a figure collector, after apologizing for getting the wrong figure (it wasn't that big of a deal) they said that they would be more than happy to keep this one and give me the $20 towards getting the actual figure. Which I did. I am glad it turned into a win, win. The person really enjoys their Azusa figure, as it has commandeered a rather prestigious area of their desk.

The other Azusa is welcome to come over any time. Real Azusa thinks of her as a long lost sister... or something. Anyway, I hope you have seen a few ways that you can discern between a forgery and a real Goodsmile Figure. I think the biggest indicator is the price, followed by if they call it a GoodSmile figure in the listing. If you are in a store, look for miscolorations/misalignment in the print, or poor handling of the box because looking for GoodSmile on the box.. is obviously not a good indicator. 

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