Snow Day Jan 10, 2011


Yesterday winter finally got its act together and decided to put down a decent snow. I went out with my dog to get some pictures.

I would have set up a tripod and used a lower ISO with a longer exposure... but I just didn't have that kind of dedication, and I wanted to go out with Toshiro.. which makes long exposures difficult. Maybe some day I will suck it up and buy a really good
tripod and the camera remote I have been talking about forever...


These are just from around my neighborhood. It was about 1:30 am so I didn't want to wander to far.

This morning it started snowing again and it's going to keep snowing through out the day.


This is the bike path that runs behind my apartment. Shortly after we got inside I saw a truck with a plow on the front flying down it... glad there was no one using it at the time...


I love watching my dog play in the snow... but sometimes it's a bit annoying.. like when he should be "getting his business done" so to speak. I am sure other dog owners can relate, sometimes you have to remind the dog why you're out there by dragging him over to a tree and staying there till they finish the job.

As soon as we get outside all he thinks about is the snow.

But you can't really stay mad when they give you a face like this.

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