Tamron AF70-300mm Lens


So I picked up a new lens. I had a number of reasons for doing this.

1. I enjoy lunar photography and I wanted to get some better shots of the Lunar Eclipse that is coming up in June.

2. I wanted a lens that would make taking pictures of animals a little easier, specifically birds.

3. I have been wanting to do more with Macro photography.

It was relatively cheap as far as zoom lenses for Nikon go. Part of the reason it was so cheap ($200) is because it doesn't have Vibration Reduction (VR).

It is an extreamly well made lens. It's got a good weight to it and fits to my D90 perfectly.

You may notice a bit of a sheen... I took these photos right after I unpacked it on a sub zero temperature day.

When fully retracted it is not all that much larger than my stock 105mm lens.

And it does an amazing job zooming in on detail.

The only cons I have are the lack of (VR) and that the auto-focus is a bit slow at 300mm. However in most cases when I would use this lens the lighting would most likely be ideal or I would be using a tripod, and the focus is solid so if you set it manually it doesn't shift easily.

If you are looking for a quality 300mm lens you really can't do any better than this. If your spending more and not getting (VR) then you are probably spending to much.

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