MTG: Mirrodin Besieged Release


This past Friday (Feb 4th) marked the release of Magic the Gathering's latest set, Mirrodin Beseiged. The week prior was the pre-release event that restored my faith in the MTG community. Despite being sick as a hell (walking pneumonia), I went to the Midnight pre-release event and had a hell of a time, even though I ended up leaving early to prevent dying at the age of 25.

(Sorry for the quality of the pre-release photos, I was pumped full of med-juices and using my iPhone).

I was really surprised at the diverse group and most of the people I talked to were really cool... and also very, very into the game. Some people found me to be an oddity as I am technically a veteran player despite being relatively young, and some thought it was strange that I started playing when I was in 5th grade, especially since MTG in 1995 was being demonized almost worse than D&D at that point in time. What can I say, I started breaking my parents early.

I got some pretty amazing boosters that night. Two epics, one is the one pictured, the other was Elspeth from the previous MTG set. I was able to put together a pretty decent green/black poison/proliferate deck that had this little combo in it. I never got to play it as I lost my first match 1 loss, 1 win, 1 loss to being manascrewed and ended up dropping out because of the consumption I was suffering.

The promo foil was pretty sweet. I liked that unlike the other promo card (Hero of Bladehold) the Glissa has different art than the main set. Granted I like the main sets art better, it was still pretty cool.

A few days later, after I got paid, I went back in and became one of Hobby Towns favorite patrons as I pre-ordered a box of boosters, a fat pack, and all four intro decks. I made it in time to be one of the first 20 to pre-order so I got to look forward to yet another promo card.

After what seemed like the longest week of work ever, Friday finally arrived and I got my cards and practically skipped home. After some initial distress of not finding my promo-card and a quick call to Hobby Town I was assured that it was in my box of boosters. However... due to a previously scheduled appointment that night I wasn't able to dig into my cards until around 10:30pm.

While White isn't a color I play so much anymore (It was the main color I played for about 4 years when I started) the free card was pretty sweet.

Here is what you get in the fat pack. It has now been expanded to 9 boosters (It was 8 before) and contains a card guide, rules, a dice, some land, and the new addition of some neat little deck boxes that are reminiscent of the old starter boxes.

They are a nice touch, and I hope Wizards keeps it up because they got some major nostalgia points from me with these.

In each into deck you get a 60 card deck, a booster, and a how to play guide.

I got all four because I wanted to demo them and they give a good impression about what the set is all about.

Here is the final booster pile.. In my younger years this would have given me a heart attack, now that I am older it was only a minor heart murmur.

Normally I would post a "Loot" picture, but the gods were not with me in these packs. While I got a complete set of commons and uncommons and am only 11 cards from having the full set I pretty much missed on the 11 cards I wanted most. I got three epics from my boosterkrieg, Another Praetors Council, a Hero of Bladehold, and a Massacre Wurm. The Masscre Wurm is pretty neat.. but if you want it to work you have to build a whole deck around it. I wanted to get a Thrun, or a Blightsteel Colossus more than anything (sigh) hopefully I can trade for one (or two).

With the help of my lovely secret assistant I was able to get a good feel for how the intro decks worked. We decided it would be best if we each played a deck from each of the two factions. The First game was me representing Phyrexia with the "Doom Inevitable Deck" and my lady friend representing the Mirrodin with the "Battle Cries" deck. The game outcome looked like this...

First Game: Mirrodin
Second Game: Phyrexia
Third Game: Mirrodin

The Doom Inevitable deck is a good control deck, but pretty slow to play with. The Mind Control is a major game changer. The Battle Cries Deck is a fast white weenie deck and is really good a fielding a decent army before the other player gets started. I actually made a better version of it which is unfortunate because I don't like playing white, and whenever I have let someone else play it I haven't beaten it. I haven't put it against my Eldrazi Valkut or my Green Elven Beatdown yet, but I think it would be pretty formidable.

The second bout I represented the Mirrodin with the "Mirromancy" deck while my counterpart played Phyrexian with the "Path of Blight" deck. The game breakdown was as follows...

First Game: Mirrodin
Second Game: Phyrexia
Third Game: Mirrodin

Same results as last time, with different decks and different players. The Mirrormancy deck was really fun, the combo of the Lava Ax and the Fire servant is (in my opinion) its main point. The Path of Blight is a good poison deck, but it's a bit slow. I actually took the Mirrormancy deck and made a new deck from my old Fire Servant burn deck that is really good but needs some work before it's efficient enough. The Galvanoth is a lot of fun, with it and Wild Evocation you are just casting like crazy. I think the change I need to make is to make it blue red, remove some of the creatures and medium grade burn for draw cards.

In summation Mirrodin Besieged is an interesting set. Lots of infect and interesting abilities that will probably shake up the tournament scene for awhile. I am looking forward to the next set which hasn't entirely been determined yet, and I am sure Hobby Town is too.

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