Girl Scout Cookies


Ah yes, the rare and elusive Weekend Update. One of the benefits of being gainfully employed full time at a larger company is that there inevitably is a person who's daughter is in Girl scouts who is selling cookies around this time of year. Well technically the selling was done a few weeks ago and now is when the bounty arrives.

It also means that you may have more than one coworker that is providing this service which leads to the inevitable double order...

Girl scout cookies are one of those weird commodities that are not exactly the highest of quality item, but everyone swears by their favorite cookie as being one of the greatest cookies of all time.

Another contriversy involving these little morsels is that they have different names depending on who supplies your areas troops. I grew up in a Little Brownie Bakery area so when I moved to my current location which is covered by ABC bakery there as much confusion over what cookies I wanted.

For instance, these were called Samoas, as you can see ABC calls them Caramel deLites. At least the cookie formula and packaging is the same between companies...

Samoa deLites are not one of my favorite cookies, but they have a rather rabid fan base. I ordered these because I happen to live with someone who thinks they are mana from the heavens.

They are possibly the most frustrating cookie I have ever photographed. They insisted on sliding to the front of the plate and then gluing themselves there with their caramel. It is as if they knew that I couldn't appreciate them properly.

Peanut Butter Patties, also known as Tagalongs, are my personal favorite... probably related to my love of the peanut butter/chocolate combination (Reeses 4 Life).

I can only ever get a single box of these, and I have to plan my day accordingly, because I pretty much have to accept that once they go into my kitchen that they will be gone in about 12 hours and I will have some 2000 extra calories to burn off that week (thank you Hapkido for being an intense enough workout to cancel at least 1 box in 2 sessions...).

Now here is a cookie that knows how to be photographed. Look at that sheen, the tasteful thickness of it, the way it cuts almost perfectly in half. Ahh I miss you my Tagalongs, you may be gone already, but you are not forgotten.
*Begins doing a set of sit ups and then crunches*

Thin Mints are probably the most widely coveted cookie of the bunch. Though in recent years Keebler and a few other bakeries have started providing them year round so they may have lost some of their elusive appeal.

They used to be one of my favorites too, but I think that I had to many at one point and lost a bit of my taste for them. They are also interesting as they are the only cookie I have known people to put in the freezer and swear by it that they are enjoyed better that way.

I kind of wonder if over the years they have changed the recipe of some of these cookies, or if my tastes have just matured because most of these just don't taste as good as I remember.

Peanut Butter Sandwich, or Do-Si-Dos, are an under appreciated cookie I think.

Of the whole group, these probably taste the cheapest... but I love them for that.

I should mention that I love those little Ritz peanut butter sandwiches and the pretzel bites that are stuffed with peanut butter as well... If you are a fan of those kinds of things you will probably love these too. :)

These are/were a new cookie to me. Little Brownie Bakery makes a cookie called Lemon Chalet Cremes that I loved, but ABC doesn't make them. Instead they have these, the Lemonades which I am happy to say are really, really good.

They are also pretty photogenic!

I have always been a fan of the Lemon. I like it's flavoring, how it smells, how it looks. My grandparents used to have a lemon bush/tree out in front of their house in california and I loved the smell of it. *Eyes glaze over*

The Thanks-A-Lot's are new to me too. I decided to get them because they sounded pretty good and the concept was cute.

My only complaint is that once you open the package.. there isn't a really good way to seal it shut again...

Pretty tasty little cookie.. but I think for the flavor combination I would rather just have some Milano cookies. (oh man... I sound like a woman)...

(Time to lift some weights and hit things.)

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