R.A.T. 9 Cyborg Mouse from Saitek


Normally I want to keep my blog onto certain topics... Tabletop Games, Photography, Figures, Travel, Japanish stuff.. but occasionally something comes along that I just have to write about. My new mouse is one of those things. I have tried to ignore it, but the will of the mouse has won out in the end.

This is the R.A.T 9 Cyborg gaming mouse from Saitek. The first and probably most amazing thing I want to mention about this is that Mad Catz has a similar mouse.. probably because Mad Catz owns Saitek now.. however don't let that deter you from getting this fantastic mouse. Second, I apologize for the dust and palm marks... I tried to get them removed but some just didn't come off and I was in a seriously "fuck it, we will do it live" mood.

Something you might notice about this mouse is that it look very different from 98% of other mice on the market, the only similar mice I can think of come from Japanese manufacturer Elecom. It definitely has a kind of Gundam/Batmobile/Architect's tool look to it which may not be for everyone. But everything on this mouse has a reason for being the way that it is. The entire mouse is customizable. The nob on the bottom unscrews to reveal an adjustment tool that lets you switch out the pinky grip and the angle and orientation of the thumb rest. It also allows you to adjust the weight with provided weight bearings. The palm rest can be adjusted and is interchangeable. The dpi can be adjusted between several custom pre-sets, on the fly, and dropped down into sniper mode. This mouse... is crazy fun, you could spend your whole day just adjusting it.

Here is a close up of the mouse wheel, the dpi adjustment button, the cyborg mode button (in profile) and the main right and left mouse buttons. The whole mouse is covered in this great satin finish which feels great to touch.

Here you can see that I am using the textured pinky grip and you can see the rechargeable battery sticking out under the body.

The mouse is wireless, and probably one of the few wireless mice on the market I would be willing to get over a wired mouse (obviously since I bought it). Here is the broadcast station which also houses the storage for your weights and recharges the back up battery. I will note that I end up changing the battery at least once a day.. but then again I have pretty heavy computer use.

You also get this little accessory box which houses the grips you are not currently using and can carry the weight container as well.

I have used this mouse for a little over a week and really like it. I find that I adjust the weight every so often depending on what I am doing. I tend to use a lighter mouse with lower dpi when I am working and a heavier mouse with hi dpi when gaming. Anyway I highly recommend this mouse for serious gamers, people who appreciate robot/mech aesthetics, and people who like to tinker.

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