Morinaga's Milk Caramel and Furikake


It's been a crazy week, luckily while sorting photo's I discovered the elusive backup article! So this week I present some staples of the Japanese diet, independently confirmed by my Japanese office-mate. First up is Morinaga's Milk Caramel.

Morinaga's is one of the oldest confection makers in Japan still operating today, and it's Milk Caramel is probably one of the most nostalgic candies asside from food drops.

As someone who is lactose intolerant, I probably should have known better than to try these but I just had too. It did not occur to me that the problematic milk sugar.. that whole lactose thing is about 95% of the this candies make up. As such.. I nearly died and gave the rest away at work.

They are really good though if you are a person who can digest lactose.

So tempting, so evil.

The second is a personal favorite of mine, Furikake. Furikake is a topping that is most often put on top of rice and consists of a variety of ingredients. My favorite is tamago furikake which is dried egg, seasame seed, dried sea weed and some other seasonings.

It comes in either little packages like this one or in a shaker.

It is really, really good. It absolutely changes rice from bland to amazing and is delicious as a after work/school snack or post work out. I really need to get some more of this.. I havn't had it in a long time.

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