Scaled Wurm Plushy


This weekend I recieved a mysterious package.

Ok. So it wasn't all that mysterious, it was actually expected, just not so soon. If you follow my twitter, you probably already have an idea of what we are looking at here, but if you don't follow me here is the unnecessarily long back story behind this awesome object.

In 1995 I was a young lad just beginning to embrace the earliest inklings of my geekdom. 1995 had been a good year for a young geek Matt. For my birthday I received a green Gameboy with Jurassic Park 2 and later that summer, after being good during the three day drive to California to visit my grandparents, I received Donkey Kong Land. I had two major friends during my child hood that greatly influenced my geek beginnings, both were named Nathanael oddly enough. One went by Nate (who I have mentioned in other articles), the other Nathan. Nathan was my next door neighbor and had introduced me to the wonder that was Mortal Kombat (I was a bit late to the game on that one) and was the one that got me interested in martial arts (also the Karate Kid, and Three Ninjas etc). That winter his oldest brother was shipping out for basic training, and as such he was giving many of his possessions away to his younger siblings. These goods happened to include his rather expansive Magic: The Gathering collection. The middle brother cleaned house on all of the decent cards but a significant number trickled down to Nathan and he decided to share some of the lot with me, probably so that he could play with someone that didn't beat him every time. My father was rather strict about things that involved magic and card playing and dice throwing, so I was only allowed to play white and green (as they seemed most "good") and in the end my first deck looked like this.

Being already a fan of Tolkien, Lewis, and having been read childrens stories involving giants and dragons for most of my life at that point, I was instantly drawn to the big green beater creatures. Dragons, like dinosaurs, were a passion of mine and when I first started looking at the cards Nathan had laid out in front of me I was instantly drawn to a single card, the Scaled Wurm. He was perfect in every way that I had imagined a dragon. Sure he didn't have wings.. but that didn't matter, he had horns and was scaled and best of all, he was my favorite color, blue. On my first white long box I drew a Scaled Wurm even though by that point I no longer used him in any decks. I still have a significant collection of duplicates of the card that I collected just because I liked the art so much.

Now fast foward to a few months ago. I follow most of the Loading Ready Run crew on twitter, and a certain member of the troupe, Tally Heilke, had taken to crafting things with Magic cards. This was not a surprise considering it was watching the LRR crew have so much fun playing and re-discovering Magic that got me back into playing MTG and they are quite a crafty bunch, it was only a matter of time. Then one day the internet was taken by a minor storm. Tally had created something so awesome it went far beyond the normal levels "oh that is neat" game related crafting one might see every day on the internet to "OMG I MUST HAVE ONE. YOU CAN HAVE ALL MY MONIES." levels, she had created the plushy Perious Myr. While everyone was cooing, and rightfully so, over the awesomeness of the Perilous Myr, I had a series of synapses fire in my brain that caused me to realize that I had a chance to have an amazing item that every age iteration of Matt would be ecstatic to receive. 10-25 year old Matts were all in agreement, we were all excited about the idea. After my epiphany I quickly fired off an email to Ms. Heilke with the idea for a commissioned Scaled Wurm plushy. Luckily, and to my great relief, she agreed. A couple of months later and I received the package pictured above.

The beast was released! I had ideas of how awesome it would be because Tally had provided images of it for final approval and then detailed the process in an article on her blog

It was even more amazing in person than I could have imagined. She had told me ahead of time that he was a bit difficult to pose (hence the string), but that was fine by me, I will dig around for some fishing line later and use that to position him as needed. 

She really did a great job capturing the essence of the card, simplifying the shape and details and keeping it recognizable. Anyone that is familiar with the card will most definitely recognize it right away. 

Here he is from another angle. Tally included a the card, which was sweet of her, as well as a great thank you note that was promptly handed off to my resident archivist.

He also came with this great little tag for Tally's shop on etsy.

If you are interested in Tally's work you should check out her stores out on etsy.

Tally's Beastiary
Contains lots of plush and needle felted beasties some MTG related, some original, all amazing.

Tally's Treasury
Contains lots of neat felt accessories and jewelry and the like.

The Scaled Wurm, who is now named Norbert (guess the reference), was at the time of writing this article residing on top of my "To be Read" book queue but has since been moved to guard my board game collection as he had a tendency to fall off the books.

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