Tenba Large Messenger Laptop Camera Bag



First of all let me apologize for the picture quality. I wanted to take pictures with the bag full of the equipment I use and as such, my good camera was inside. Ok.. now that, that is out of the way - here is my new laptop and camera bag!!!

It took me quite a while to finally decide on one, and what really sold me on this bag was reviews on forums I read as well as the excellent video Tenba has on their website.
Often when I get a product I want to review it because I didn't see that good of an overview of it from other sites, for the Tenba bag.. really I can't say much more than the video.

I wanted to see what kind of capacity the bag had so I just started to grab some stuff that I usually take on trips, or wanted to take on future trips (hint.. new laptop). I was pleasantly surprised by how much it held.

Here is the view after I removed the two books I had stuffed on top.

And here is everything I had inside.

  • Nikon D90 with 300mm Tamron Telephoto Lens (twice as long as my normal lens)
  • 15inch Macbook Pro
  • Two Paperback Scifi-Novels of considerable length
  • Two Full sleeved 60 card Magic decks with 15 card sideboards
  • Nintendo DS in Leather case, with charger and games
  • Passport
  • Wallet
  • iPhone 3GS
  • Macbook charger and Extension Cord
  • Extra Camera Battery
I actually could have fit a ton more stuff in there, this just took up the main and a few of the side pockets. With my normal lens I could probably fit a play-deck of Munchkin or a MTG: Commander Deck in there as well. There was lots of space in both the internal and external flat pockets as well. I think this is going to be an excellent travel bag with plenty of room for swag when I go to PAX Prime in late August! But the best part about this bag? After adding all of this the shoulder strap is well padded and ergonomically designed so that it didn't feel heavy at all. I will still use my old Doleca camera bag when I am doing some serious shooting, but for 95% of what I do, this bag is a great addition!

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