Meiji Kinoko No Yama Strawberry and Cream Flavor


Earlier this week I had an article about an early birthday present I got, an amazing Hitagi Senj�gahara figure, but I also got another gift with it: Strawberry and Cream Kinoko No Yama from Meiji.

I can never get over how attractive Japanese packaging is.

Now this is a bit of a precautionary story of the effects of heat on chocolate in the mail. This was by no means the fault of the person who gave me this wonderful present as when it was ordered it had recently snowed (in April!), however when it arrived it just happened to be during a record high for May and as you can see.. it had a bit of an effect on the delicate white chocolate.

The cuteness of this bag could only shield me so long from the horror within. When I first opened the bag it looked a bit like melted ice cream splattered all over the sides, but after letting it settle a bit and a small stint in the freezer I was able to extract it all as one big lump.

Now normally these are cute little mushrooms with a pink and white top that one can eat individually, but in order to eat this I cut it into quarters and ate it all in one go. I have to say the flavor was still great, the Japanese really know how to flavor their treats without it tasting artificial and the fact that it retained a fresh strawberry and cream flavor after being melted is a testament to their ability. I would definitely get them again, but I would probably check the long term weather forecast or find a place where I could buy them directly. :)

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