Canadian Snacks and Awesome Friends!


So if you follow my twitter you may or may not know that I am a member of a site that starts with red rhymes with edit, and one of the great things about it is it's many ancillary services. One of which is a gift exchange program. In May I participated in my first one which was a snack exchange which not only got me some cool snacks from Canada but a cool friend there as well. I didn't have my main camera lens running at the time so I didn't make an article on my first loot which included a variety of KitKats, chocolate, and gum, but in the goods list was a note saying that if there was anything uniquely Canadian I was interested in that my now not so secret snack exchange partner would be willing to procure them for me. This week I received a second batch of goodies which was quiet delightful.

First up is the "All Dressed" or "All Dressed Up" potato chips. I found out about these while scouring the internet and unanimously it was listed as a chip item that Canadians in the U.S. miss about their home.

How to describe the "All Dressed" chip. Imagine if you will a chip that has been seasoned in everything, and yet is somehow not disgusting.. "All dressed" tastes like bbq, it tastes like ranch, it has a bit of vinegar, but it is uniquely its own flavor. I like them because they satisfy your various needs and unlike many potato chips you only need a handful to satisfy that chip craving.

Next up was my favorite, Ketchup chips! I was a little hesitent at first but it turned out that they were really, really good!

They taste almost exactly like French fries dipped in ketchup, which makes sense because essentially that is what they are. My only complaint is that the ketchup powder is really sticky and when it gets on your hands it looks a bit like dried blood... which is not as appetizing. I wish these were sold in the U.S. though.

I also got some more KitKats! They weren’t in the initial photo because they were recovering in the freezer after sitting in my warm mail box all day.

I was pretty happy that they held up pretty good despite being a bit melty! I think milk chocolate can take up a bit more heat than other kinds of chocolate before completely breaking down.

That is not to say they turned out perfect, still a bit smushy and finger prints were unavoidable. I really like the Canadian Kitkats, it is very true that flavors for stuff like this are adjusted by country and when compared to a U.S. KitKat the Canadian is less sweet and has more chocolate flavor, which I find to be more appealing, they are similar to Japanese KitKats in that respect. U.S. food providers seem to think that sweeter = better for just about everything.

You may have also noticed that a CD was included. During the exchange my secret snack giver and I exchanged quite a few emails and now are kind of e-pen pals from time to time. It is funny when you run into someone with similar interests. We both have interests in music and have other overlaps like being martial artists and being avid video gamers. Probably not a surprise since the website that brought us into contact panders to our age and interest groups. The CD is of his band and I found myself adding it to my regular playlist.

You can find more of his work here and here, I suggest you check them out, good stuff.

 Actually while I am linking music from awesome people I met on the internet, through the magic of twitter I reconnected with some old friends and bandmates from High School and it's been great to re-connect leading to some future awesome projects which is why I haven’t been blogging as much as of late. Be prepared Ye Mortals, some bad ass shit is in the works! In the mean time check out...

Safe Boating is No Accident The awesome band of my friend Leighton that rocks so hard that when they covered Danzig's "Mother" ol’ Glen got his panties in a knot and had to ask them to take down their video for it, I imagine because it melted more faces than the original.

Franklin Murdock's Modern Films, i.e. Music to end the world too. I linked directly to his music page for the interests of this post but the guy is an amazing writer as well, I am collaborating with him right now on a great project that I will get to talk about in the near future.. as I said.. prepare to tremble and be amazed.

So the tl;dr of this post is: Use the internet, it's goddamn amazing, you meet fucking amazing people and re-connect with people that were awesome all along. In the future I am going to add a current projects page to my site where you can keep track of the crazy shit I am up to and I will post the links of all the amazing people I know that are doing cool shit as well.

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