Summer fun items from ThinkGeek


So I usually treat myself to some sort of gift at the beginning of summer and this year I am budgeting because of PAX in the fall (Hotels aint cheap!), so I scaled it down a bit and got some small fun stuff from ThinkGeek.

First up I got the Cthulhu Dice game from Steve Jackson Games. I havn't had a chance to play but it's basically the Dreidel Game but instead of money you are putting your sanity on the line.. also cursing, so that's fun. I thought it would be a good one for camping.

Next up I had some Geek Points to spend so I got the Critical Hit Dice. I have been salivating over this product for a while so I was really happy to get my hands on it finally.

As you can see it is larger than a standard D20 and when you roll a Natural 20 (the best kind of 20) it flashes red. This is a great dice to add some dramatic effect to your D&D game. My only complaints are that, because it has sharp corners instead of rounded, it does not roll very well on hard surfaces, and there is no way to access the inner battery if it ever dies. It is unlikely that the battery would die because it just has some flashing LED's but still might have been nice. Plus if it had an access panel you could weight it... bwaa haaa haaaa haaa haaaa. (cough).

Finally, my love of fancy light up gadgets made me purchase the Dreamlights Firefly Jar. This thing is really neat and does a pretty convincing firefly impression. It has a solar charger on the top but you can also run it off of battery. My only complaints about it is that the circuit board that the lights are attached to isn't reenforced by anything, I would have liked to see it with a clear plastic support of some kind, especially since "shake" is one of the settings to turn it on. Second is that it comes with a nice guard for the top that is visually appealing but absolutely ruins the ability for the device to charge unless it is in the most direct of direct sunlight. Those two things shouldn't stop you from getting it, but you should know in advance.

Here it is in action. ThinkGeek has their own video for it... but I got embarrassed watching it after about 20 seconds.. so here is the nuts and bolts of it working.

I would have been a happy scout indeed if I had these two items back in the day. Playing Magic and D&D by firefly light would have been really sweet.

That light means that I just cleaved an entire village of goblins and their Bugbear leader.

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