Gift Exchange: Grizzly Shark Squid-Odile


This past week has been a troublesome one. I got involved in another gift exchange over the internet, this one being rather arbitrary. The person I got paired with didn't leave any notes which would have been helpful, so I had to check out their profile on the sponsor site to see what kinds of things they were into. I managed to find out that the person is 18, male, likes video games, and mash-up photoshops so I got an idea to try and make a mash-up figure. I needed some encouragement at first, but some kind individuals on a forum I frequent gave me the little extra push to go through with it. My initial thoughts were to buy some cheap educational animal toys and chop them up and then glue them back together, but the toys of any decent size were just made of to hard of a plastic. That is when I remembered that I had some Super Sculpey at home and set to work. I made a quick sketch first just to get an idea of what I was going for and how to divide it up and then I was off.

I did the head first. I figured if I could get the head shape then the rest would follow after.

Next I mocked out a rough body shape and then divided up the rest of the Sculpey in rough estimates of how much each piece would take.

Then I made the lower region, it would be the most solid piece so I wanted to give it a chance to cool the most after working it in my hands to give it some stiffness before I stuck the whole thing in the oven.

Here he is all ready to be baked after hanging out in the freezer for a bit. You will notice that the face is a bit derp, the wall got really thin and I tried to reinforce it. I didn't want to start from scratch so I just rolled with it.

The whole thing took about 90 minutes to bake, and as you can see some parts get a bit crispy. I let it cool over night and then glued the arms on with Gorilla Super Glue... that stuff is serious business.

Next I sanded some rough edges and carved it a bit more, adding some more hair detail and smoothing out ridges of the face patch. Then I primed it using some Tamiya spray paint.

Next came painting it, I blocked out the base coats and colors that I wanted to use, but wasn't very happy with how amateur it looked. Painting isn't my forte; I can blow glass, shape clay, weld steel, carve wood, and draw (though you couldn't tell it from my rough sketch) but painting has always been my weak point. Luckily I happen to live with a talented professional (whose supplies I was stealing) and she was willing to step in and help out.

It made a pretty big difference.

From the front he doesn't look very menacing, rather he looks pretty derpish, but I think that is part of his charm. I tried a few things to get teeth in his mouth but they all failed. I imagine if I had small plastic teeth I could have glued in, that would have worked but I just didn't have the time or resources for that.




As I said, this was for a gift exchange, but I didn't want to give just the figure so I pulled together a bunch of gamer fuel (i.e. what I ate a lot of when I was 18 and a freshman in College) and packed it up ready to go.

I would like to imagine that whoever opens this will be happy with what they get. I certainly had fun making the figure and buying snacks I haven't purchased in years.

I decided the official name for the creation is the North American Grizzly Shark Squid-Odile. After working on this there is a distinct possibility that I will make some more figures in the future, but for right now this guy is enough.

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