Early Summer Adventure 2011



Two weekends ago (I know I am super fast on these) I had some friends from college days in town visiting. Nebraska from May - June usually has two temperatures: Cool because it is currently raining, and Swamp Jungle because it rained earlier but now it is not raining.

The morning was fairly tolerable so we decided to head down to Nebraska City and visit the various parks with "Kimmel" or "Arbor" in front of their name… they are all owned by the same group. (Kimmel Orchard, Kimmel Farm, Kimmel Winery, Arbor Lodge, Arbor Tree Adventure, Arbor Farms)


Along the tree trail is a rather large look out tower you can climb up and out of the steamy heat in the tree's below.


Looks like someone lost hold of their informative pamphlet.


Nebraska at one point was actually largely forested, you can really tell that when you come to area's like this and Nebraska's few remaining forested areas.



I am a sucker for stuff like this. I really like state park signs too.. don't ask why because I don't know. It probably comes from the same part of me that loves smores.



I love little creeks like this. At summer camp there was a specific spot by a tree by a creek that I always went to whenever I had a merit badge class that involved nature observation (a surprising number do).


I am sure the stream would have been much clearer had it not rained just a few hours before.


I didn't have my D90 on me since we were traveling super light, so these are all done with my little Coolpix, it did a pretty good job I think. The Tree Adventure trail is really friendly for all age groups and fitness levels. There are little activity stations along the way that were filled with terrifying bugs, but I imagine fun when not infested… there were also tree forts and stuff like this for kids to play on (cough) i certainly did not play on it and jump up and down on the rope bridge to scare any ladies that may or may not have been on it at the time (cough).


Oh hey! Mulberries! The back yard of the house I grew up in had several mulberry tree's that were just great for climbing, you can eat the mulberries right off the tree if you didn't use any pesticides on them and they were great… though my brother never got the hang of it and always came inside stained purple all over.






After the Tree Adventure I didn't take many pictures, too hot and not very much that would be very interesting on a blog. I bought some raw crystalized honey spread and some sunflower seeds. We went to the park and had a picnic, and then went home to play some board games.

I don't know how people prior to A/C survived in Nebraska but the way I survive is by short excursions in the morning and evening and hiding in a darkened room from Noon till 9pm.

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