4th of July Cupcakes



Despite not being a very big patriot (i.e. I would be equally happy if not more so living in Japan, the U.K., Canada…) I actually really enjoy the 4th of July. My Dad REALLY enjoys the 4th of July so I am sure some of that rubbed off on me. My family has a big fireworks display at our house every year, and it seems each year we try to out do the last. This year I though I would finally become a contributing member to the 4th feast instead of just a mooch so for both of the 4th of July parties I am going to I am making red, white, and blue cupcakes.


It is really easy to do. You just get some white cake mix a couple of extra bowls and lots of food coloring. After you mix the batter divide it into thirds and then color the batter as needed. Then when you fill the cupcakes just be careful not to let it mix. 


The result is pretty neat. I got the idea from all of the various rainbow cakes and cupcakes that have shown up on the web so I decided to make a 4th of July version. Based on this I think it will be fun to make some Halloween and Xmas cupcakes in the future! 


I also did a batch with reverse color order… to mix it up a bit.


I topped them with cream cheese frosting that I made at home. The stuff from the tub is just not natural, and cream cheese frosting is really easy to make; you just need cream cheese, confectioners sugar, and vanilla extract. Mix till delicious.

Ok so that is all I have on cupcakes for now… I am going to go lift weights and watch samurai films to balance out the fact that I made color themed cupcakes…

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