Summer Treat! Peanut Butter Balls


DSC_0002 You may have noticed that, on occasion, I like to cook. During the summer however, I definitely do not like to cook. I like to barbecue outside when I have the chance… but cooking I try to avoid. There are a number of reasons for this but the biggest one is that I like my dwelling to stay cool. It's hard enough keeping it cool with various computers and game systems running, but when you throw an oven into the mix… shit gets real… fast.

It is at these times that I remember some of the no-bake snacks of my youth. Rice Crispy bars, Pudding Pops, Jello Jigglers etc… but there is one treat that I have yet to encounter anyone else who makes them or ever even had them in their youth. This elusive treat is the Peanut Butter Ball. My Mom used to make these all the time, and they are amazing, easy to make, savory but sweet, and actually pretty darn good for you.. in moderation.

Here is how I make mine. I modified a few ingredients to make them a bit healthier and to cut out the milk powder because I am not super tolerant of lactose (something I didn't discover till College…) anyway…

1 Cup reduced fat peanut butter 
1/2 Cup raisins 
1/2 Cup soy protein powder (Can be substituted with Whey or Milk Powder) 
1/4 Cup sesame seeds 
1/4 Cup honey

In food processor combine raisins with soy powder till well chopped. Then add the rest of the ingredients and then pulse until starting to integrate and then switch the processor to on until it forms a kind of crumbly dough. The dough sticks to itself but not to hands so you just need to scoop some up like Play-doh, roll into balls, and refrigerate.

There you have it a great treat for any time of the year, but I especially enjoy them in the summer. If you want to dress them up for a party or something you can either buy, or find a recipe for some shell chocolate (the kind of chocolate used for making chocolate covered strawberries) and dip, they are like home made Reese's.

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