Heys USA Gamma X 21" Shiny Hardside Carry-On


So as some of you may know from my twitter, I am going to Pax Prime this year which, while exciting, also means that I have needed to get a few things in order to have a successful trip. One of those things, was airline approved luggage. Seeing as all my luggage is 1.) at my parents house, and 2.) from the 90's prior to current size regulations I definitely had to get myself a new carry-on. I had two major criteria, it needed to be hard shell, and it needed to be orange.

I was pleasantly surprised by all of the options available to me. I was also surprised that over half of them were way out of my price range (around $100 some dollars). While those $500-$600 pieces were really sweet… there was no way that I would pay that much. However I did find out that one of those $500 cases had a $100 some dollar cousin, a middle tier offering that was in the same awesome orange and had the glossy hard shell that I wanted so badly. After reading some very positive reviews I bought it and here it is before you now. 

It is definitely the nicest suitcase I have ever owned, the interior is all padded and it has really nice straps and extras like wheels that actually spin and a TSA approved combo lock (they have a master key they can use to open it). I had some trouble photographing it because of its brilliant color and my limited light settings.. I would need a slightly larger light box and better diffused light sources to really do it justice, but the pictures aren't half bad.

It is crazy that Pax is only a few weeks away. I still need to get comfortable walking shoes and some business cards!

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