Rocket Fizz


We have a local candy shop that opened up a year or so ago called "Rocket Fizz". It is a pretty great place to get candy and soda that is not normally available at a grocery or convenience store. Recently they started carrying goods from Japan and I couldn't be happier. It is definitely more of a incentive to go knowing I can pick up some treats from Meiji instead of just obscure candies from the U.S.

Black Black gum is something that I have known about for a long time but never wanted it enough to justify the shipping charges for ordering it online. Luckily Rocket Fizz carries it, and I really like it! The strong mint flavor is really refreshing, though it may be a bit much for some, and Black Black is caffeinated so it is a great for making it through those long afternoon meetings.

Also picked up these. I have had quite a few Meiji products in the past an have loved them all. These looked similar to some chocolate filled graham cracker koala bears that I have had in the past which were really good.

These were just as good. The only difference, besides the Panda, is that the cookie shell was a little thinner on the Koala ones and the printing a bit clearer.

The delicious chocolate offal.

That is all the Japanese imports I got on this trip. They had a few other things I wanted to try, like this white chocolate Reese's and I didn't want to come home with to much candy!

I kinda liked it more than the original Reese's but that might be just because it was a new and exciting flavor.

I wanted to try one of these, it is the original candy bar that Pearson's came out with, and I really like their Salted Nut Roll so I thought I would give it a try.


Oh… OH! It's not entirely peanuts and chocolate.. which would have been great… it is actually mostly some kind of peanut flavored fluff….

I can't recommend this one… I will stick to my Nut Rolls thank you.

Ok that was it for this run, if you can find a specially candy and confections store in your area I highly suggest checking it out, you never know what you might find. For me I know have a place to stop before roadtrips to get me some delicious chocolate filled panda's and stay awake on the interstate gum!

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