Pax Day 1! We started the day with lemon brioche and hot chocolate! Then it was straight to the line for the Pax Keynote and Q and A.

The line was already growing quite a bit when we got there, but it looked like we were the early group!

Robert Khoo always looks busy. The man is all business.

Some nice greenery growing on the various buildings down town.

Yes, yes, yes, yes… yeah! Wooo. Pax is launching!

Jaffe (the keynote speaker) was interesting. Started a bit rough but it after some meandering he got to his point which was pretty inspiring once he found it.

Q and A with Mike and Jerry was awesome. There were a handful of awkward moments, the worst was when this one guy wanted to tell his life story, then about his project, then asked Mike and Jerry if they could talk to Wil Wheaton to ask Felicia Day if she would work on his project.. and then went on a conservative wrap and plugged his candidate… it was fucked up.

Mike and Jerry did a great job of moving through the questions, answering them, breaking the ice, and making everyone laugh. It was really cool to see.

Then came lunch! We ate at a place called 5th Street Pan Asian Cusine or something. I got the chicken pho.

@nimasprout got the bibimbap 

Then it was on to the Expo Hall(s)!

We learned that in order to survive the expo hall you really have to make a game plan and commit to what you want to see.

The Bioshock booth was the only one we waited in line for, they had a good set up and a quiz that could win you a t-shirt. I won a t-shirt and got this great pic of @nimasprout getting saved by Elizabeth. The Elizabeth model was very professional and handled everything well… at least on the first day. I can tell you, since I am writing this on the 3rd day of PAX, that she looked, understandably, a bit haggard by the end of the show.

I actually didn't end up playing any demos except for Zelda for 3DS, there was just too much cool shit to look at. I think if I was 16 again I probably would be looking at the show in an entirely different way than I am now at 26.

Oh Drizzt… how many times I have had to deal with PC's that wish they could be you…


Nintendo's booth… was seriously lacking in swag, but the staff was super excited to sell the 3ds for some reason… I was sold. It is actually pretty cool. I will probably pick one up in the coming months. There are rumors that a new model is already slated to be released though… hmmmmm


Geek Chic had some great displays out. If only I was rich and had a house.


On Live was schilling pretty hard. They had a pretty cool setup but not really sure the service would be for me.. I like owning technology.

Got to meet Kris and Scott (Scott and Kris), which was pretty cool. I got a signed copy of The Best of PVP and @nimasprout gave them a postcard set from her etsy store.

I think Scott forgot he was holding them when other people asked for the same picture.

Day One Loot!

At night we just had the LRR Panel to go to, but wandered into a Cosplay Contest first by accident. It was actually really enjoyable and I will write a separate article about it later.

The Pyro did not break character… ever.

Because we had to leave and then get back in line we didn't get the best of seats for LRR but the panel was really funny. Lots of inside Reddit jokes.

Then sleep.

(Note: I will be updating links in the article post PAX)

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