Pax: Day 2 The Paneling


PAX: Day 2, the Paneling. Saturday for us was all about the big panels, first up was the "Sketch a Comic" with Mike and Jerry, later and my most important goal for PAX was "Acquisitions INC: The Last Will and Testament of Jim Dark Magic I" live D&D session and then later that night the "After Hours with Kris and Scott" panel.

We did not have time to sit down and eat breakfast but we went back to Belle Epicurean again because it was good, filling, and didn't sit to heavily when waiting in line… plus OMG hot chocolate and pastries…

The line for the Sketch a Comic wasn't very long at that point so we managed to get pretty good seats. Met a guy working on the PAX community DVD and another fellow who worked nuclear tech in the army, it was a pretty interesting wait. One thing you have to do at PAX is just go ahead and talk to people, it is really quite surprising how open and friendly everyone is. My only qualm was with the individuals who decided that it would be totally cool to smoke in the line, because it was.. you know.. outdoors. Which is why many, many showers were taken followed by changes clothes after Paramount panels.

Despite this, for the four days we were in Seattle for the first time in years I was breathing through my nose regularly… freaking Nebraska and its death allergies. I am confident if I managed to move out there I would stop getting pneumonia twice a year.

Pictured: Pretty darn good seats.

Mike and Jerry hustle out onto stage to thunderous applause. It is really cool to see these guys treated like rock stars. I guess they kind of are each time a PAX rolls around. This is was one of my favorite pictures I took during the weekend.

 Jerry hard at work on the text while Mike heckles him. I have mentioned it before, but those two have a great dynamic and stage presence, really amazing considering their shy personalities and social anxieties, they really shine at PAX.

Jerry tags out and Mike starts doing the art bit.

Now for questions/requests/etc. Far less awkward today, save the girls that wished for touchings… Mike and Jerry handled it well.

Someone requested a comic where Mike and Jerry as themselves meet their alter egos, Gabe and Tycho, at a PAX. Mike obliged with a sketch of what they would look like.

And then embellished it a bit.

And then put on the final touches. If you can't tell, Mike (the artist) is the bearded one, while Jerry (the writer) is the one being transformed into a woman. After the comic was done, which you can see here, Mike messed around quite a bit, drawing buff Gabe with a huge package, and derpy Tycho getting face.. um.. violated? by the Fruit Fucker. I am sure you can find them elsewhere on the internets if you wished to find them. The pony in the last panel of the official comic is Derpy Hooves as requested by a Bronie. The Bronie brotherhood made a rather strong showing at PAX.

All through the panel people were bringing the guys cool shit. One guy had access to a 3d printer and made a Fruit Fucker minifig, it was pretty sweet but impossible to photograph.

The whole panel was hilarious and I was pleasantly surprised how much Nicole enjoyed it, after the Q&A on friday and the Sketch a Comic on Saturday, Mike started to become a bit of a hero for her.

After the panel was lunch! We really wanted to go to a conveyor belt sushi place and we managed to stumble upon a really good one called Blue C Sushi. The sushi is pretty good and priced well, and it is all very convenient. Nicole got a Ramune to drink and I got a Calpis Water. It was really good and didn't agitate my intolerance to lactose which was surprising. I risked it because I always wanted to try one.

I appreciated that all of the dishes were both color coded for price and had a lid covering them to protect them from leering folk. I suggest getting a group together so that you can get a booth, the counter side seating is not very friendly to those of us with arms, and shoulders and the like.

After lunch we ran back to our hotel room, showered, changed, and then went over to the LRR meet up, and spent most of it chatting with Tally before shoving a punch of postcards into Kathleen's hands explaining who we were and then running off to get into the Acquisitions Inc. Line. It was already pretty long when we got there, and the sun… that we thought we left behind in Nebraska, was out in full force. SO HOT.

Pictured: Geeks getting a tan at PAX… wtf… this isn't a Ren Faire!

Not everyone at PAX cosplays, and not everyone at PAX cosplays as something from video game and internet culture. This fine gentleman had an excellent Qailman Costume from the classic Nicktoon "Doug".


Despite being twice as far along the line as we were for the comic panel, we still managed to get great seats.

This year Paul and Storm provided some side commentary and introductions, decked out in their finest bardish garb.

"Hush bitches, I am about to tell a tale."#ThinksNotActuallySaid

Jerry Holkins is on the scene as Omin Dran, being very difficult to photograph with the spot like gleaming off of him in a blinding manner.

Scott Kurtz as Binwin Bronzebottom in perhaps the coolest D&D entrance ever!

Mike Krahulik as Jim Darkmagic III, with his signature dove tossing antics.

And somewhere in there Wil Wheaton entered in such a way that I could not get one single decent picture from it, he plays and elf with a difficult name. Most call him Alf or Al, he died once in an acid pit. Pictured, however, is the bringing out of the awesome Geek Chic table upon which the players will play!

The players ready themselves.

Chris Perkins cackles as Jerry tries to decipher one of his machinations.

Then grows concerned that they might not be getting it right, the bane of all DMs when they try to do something cool for their players.

I won't give spoilers in case you missed the live stream, but I will say that there were lots of dick and inscest jokes… lots and lots of dick and incest jokes… to many perhaps, but there was some combat and a good lead in to the next set of podcasts which will probably be released over the fall.

The D&D panel went just a bit over but we had enough time to go back to our hotel and grab some grub and another shower and change before heading off to Kris and Scott's After Hours show. I had to chuckle at Nicole because despite having access literally all the time to the best beef in the U.S. back at home, she insisted on getting prime rib. She was actually starting to feel a bit under the weather so I didn't give her to hard of a time and she ended up staying back at the room while I went back to the convention center.

I, however, had some more salmon, because I know how to do it right and actually really like fish when it hasn't been frozen and then flown on a plane and only to then sit in a freezer or fridge forever… (godamnit Nebraska, WHY I HAVE TO TRADE CHEAP AWESOME RED MEAT FOR FISH MEATS, I WANT BOTH!)

After the previously mentioned dinner, shower, and change, I rushed off to the convention for the Kris and Scott show, however I went to the wrong theater first (Unicorn instead of Pegasus… which is why you shouldn't have two similar mythical beast names for panel rooms…) and ended up getting a fairly horrible spot in line and then in the room itself. The stage was pretty freaking awesome though.

Pictured: Freaking awesome stage.

The crowd was pretty dang big and a very diverse group. I felt sorry for one guy though because he ended up sitting next to a lady dressed like a blood elf, that wasn't the bad part, the bad part was that she had some kind of altercation with a boyfriend or friends prior to the show and ended up blubbering to the guy next to her. He looked like he just wanted her to shut up so he could watch the show and didn't really know what to do. In his defense, he didn't look much older than sixteen, which is the perfect age for young women to blow things out of proportion and into emotional hurricanes that their male counterparts can neither understand nor deal with. I chuckled, because I am heartless to the plight of teens.

Scott and Kris take the stage and Scott summons the tribute to be brought forth.

So it was spoken, so shall it be! Every year/PAX this guy brings Kris and Scott some expensive whisky and this year was no different except now a few more people jumped onto the bandwagon and shortly the front table was littered with a cornucopia of hard liquor.

I would like to take a brief moment to thank the Dragon Age team for handing out bandana's that people could wear like this… luckily I have enough confidence that after several difficult photographic maneuvers I asked the gentleman if he could remove his hat so we could see. He then took off the bandana and put the hat back on his head…. which was an improvement, but… it's like… (sigh)…. guys don't wear hats unless the seating is on an incline, the people behind you can't see through the brim of your hat as your head lolls from side to side as you laugh at poop jokes. We want to laugh at the poop jokes too and, you know, see the guys making them.

Kris inspects his drink.

About half way through the show, Mike joined them on the stage as they showed a hilarious clip from the next episode of the Kris and Scott show for PATV. I then put my camera away and missed some of the greatest parts of the show for pictures which included Scott getting slapped by his brother Brian and then Brian and Mike practice punching on Kris so that Mike could learn to punch Scott to be involved in the brotherly punch game seeing as he was made an honorary Kurtz brother and was owing Scott several punches. The whole show wrapped up when they had the audience participate in filming the final scene of the final episode of Season One of the Scott and Kris show, it was totes fun.

I then returned to my room to find Nicole hopped up on cold medicine and floating in and out of sleep making outrageous claims and then falling asleep again before I had a chance to rebuttal. It was an interesting night.

Stay tuned for the conclusion of PAX Prime 2011!

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