PAx: Day 3 Tying Up Loose Ends


IMG_1767 PAX: Day 3 Tying up loose ends. On Day 3 of the expo everyone is pretty well shot, which makes it a good day to go around and hit things you miss. Of course (as a friend pointed out) everyone else is also thinking this, so there are still quite a few lines. I used the day to photograph some displays that I missed and wander around the expo hall.

But first, of course, we started the day with some pastries! Om nom nom nom. Man I miss that place already…


Hello, uncanny valley.

The Firefall display was pretty impressive, it was one of the few moving displays at the expo.

I wonder when someone will make a game about space marines. "When?" I say!

It was like one big rave that smelled like Doritos. 

I was finally able to get a good picture of Jace. I resisted making jokes about his recent banning.

Was taking a random photo of the expo hall when I noticed I was being watched.

It was a surreal moment that quickly turned into my favorite picture from the show. If you can't tell, it is a character from Journey… if you haven't been following the game, check it out. It is these kinds of games that get me excited anymore.

There was a minor incident at the giant Warjack. Nicole didn't know it was posable and ended up being very surprised when its arm moved as she brushed against it.

We spent the day hunting for some vendor deals and ended up getting quite a few shirts. I came away with a Penny Arcade Hot Dog Fairy shirt as well as a Legend of Zelda shirt from, they have really amazing high quality shirts… I will definitely be getting more from them in the future. Then we decided to go wait in line for the Building Worlds Magic: The Gathering creative team panel.

We were the only ones for a while. Being in the last panel slot on the last day it was slow to fill up. We did meet a nice gentleman from the area who was there with his son and daughter and their friends from college, it made me feel old but he was very nice. 

When we were finally let into the room we met Mike Robles and gave him some of Nicoles postcards, we also met Kathleen (from LRR) again who we ended up sitting by and sharing a bit about the activities the night before. She had gone to the MTG party while I was at Kris and Scott and Nicole was recuperating back in the hotel. The panel was really, really interesting but way too short. By the time Q & A rolled around there was only 10 minutes left so only a third of the people in the question line managed to get their question answered. I was in the losing two thirds. The panel could have easily been an additional hour and I think the creative team would have been up for talking that long too, they spent a good amount of time answering each question thoughtfully and completely. 


Mana Nation has a video of the panel!

At the end when the panel was officially over people were allowed to stick around and ask questions but the team was quickly monopolized, Nicole was getting sick, and I was getting pretty tired as well. Everyone got a size XL Innistrad T-Shirt on the way out, which is way to big for both Nicole and myself but would make good gifts for people back at home. We ended up skipping the Omegathon in favor of dinner and rest.

After our bags were packed I finally got to crack open the gift of delicious dark craft beer that our new friend Dikla brought us before the LRR panel on Friday. I even bought a bottle opener shaped like a salmon with the name "Seattle" embossed on the back to open it. I drank the whole thing myself as I worked on the PAX Day 1 recap and imported photos from days 2 and 3. The beer was perfect, and had the pleasant side effect of being a rather good sleeping draught. We were up again at 2am to catch our 3am shuttle to the airport for our 6am flight. So ended my first PAX.

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