Camping and Innistrad 2011


This past weekend to harbor in the greatest month ever (hint: it's October) and the new MTG set Innistrad, I went camping with Nimasprout. We only had three things on the agenda.

1. Dig into some Innistrad
2. Take pictures of trees
3. Smores

Mmmmmm yes, gotta love the smell of a fresh box of boosters.

I can say without any hyperbole that Innistrad is my favorite set since I started playing again, and my second favorite set of all time. This is in no way influenced by it giving me the best booster draw I have ever had. 6 Mythics, one of which was foil, and several double rare packs… oh how wonderful this set is.

It also probably wasn't influenced by my getting just about every mythic I wanted, saving me from painful trades and purchases.

We got into camp (I use the term loosely because we were staying in a cabin for once) in the evening, Toshiro was pretty tired after the drive and did not understand our excitement. My dog only derives happiness from food and having a plethora of choice places to nap.

Day two it was time for pictures. Oh hey, the Missouri river is fricken big, yo.

As someone who sinks better than he swims, this type of thing makes me a little uneasy.

The river is large and scary is what I am saying.

Next: Trees. Hello trees, you look mighty fine to nap under.

Get out of the way grass, you are not trees.

That is better. Love watching the trees turn. I just wish it would rain a bit, when it is dry as it has been you don't get as many amazing colors as you would with a bit of rain.

What's this? Perchance there is a special tree?

Indeed! A tree with a sign and everything! When a tree gets this old you have to make sure to hug it because it spends all its time trying to remember what day it is and wondering when the kids will call.

It was pretty impossible to get a clean shot of him, but he was pretty dang majestic.

I only feel bad that his crippling arthritis is so dang attractive, got to love those hobbled and gnarled trees.

What do you think Toshiro?

Toshiro: ….

After pictures, Nimasprout and I played some rounds of Magic, her reconstructed Innistrad deck against a singletons deck I made in preparation for making a full Commander deck when I got home, I won, but I think largely because I got a great first hand. Then we played some Commander with the decks we brought from home and settled the night out with some Smores. All things we set out to do we accomplished. A quick but fun little fall weekend to welcome in October.

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