Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary 3DS


This past Thanksgiving I promised myself I wouldn't go shopping on Black Friday because it is dumb and I hate shopping, however Nintendo decided to drop this little gem into stores on that very day. So with a sigh that turned into a maniacal giggle of glee I went over to goddamn Gamestop and told them to shut up and take my money.

When the 3DS came out and I saw that Ocarina of Time was being re-released on it I was super excited and almost ran out to get one right away. Lucky for me I had to save my money to go to PAX and was forced to wait long enough to hear whispers on the wind of a possible Legend of Zelda edition.

Inside you get a half a million manuals and then these few important things. A charger cord and dock, some AR cards, the 3DS, and the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

The 3DS looking very sharp with its gold Zelda inspired graphics.

Opened up.

I appreciate all the little touches like the gold icons and letters on the buttons, it's not just a skin job.



And here we have a comparison between the Legend of Zelda 3DS and the Legend of Zelda DS Lite.



So far I am really excited about my new 3DS. The 3d is really neat with only the occasional discomfort when playing to long, however this is quickly alleviated by just turning the 3d off for a bit. If I wasn't so engrossed in Skyrim this would definitely be what I am staying up till 3am playing... and I will... soon... just after I get done becoming the biggest badass in all of Skyrim.

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