MTG Throwback Night: Part II Ice Age


Wow. So yeah, it has been almost an entire year since I have done one of these… and that las one was also the first. Apologies… it has been a crazy year. However, we are back now with MTG throwback night part II: Ice Age Block! Ice Age was the first set where I started to buy my own cards, so I have a lot of memories around it. I remember hoping with each pack I opened I would get a Jesters Cap. I never did, and I didn't fully understand why it was good, I only knew that it took apart my feeble decks with laser precision. That was understandable, my decks around the time were largely based around getting out Serra Angels…. I was not very good. I was in fifth grade and allowed to play a limited part of the color pie, you could hardly blame me.

For the draft I decided to get a bunch of different packs that were out at the time. Ice Age, of course, as well as Homelands, Chronicles, and Alliances.

Homelands will always have a special place in my heart. I didn't understand how terribly underpowered it was at the time, all I knew is that it was cheaper than other boosters, I liked the packaging, and it had Joven's Ferrets.

With Alliances I was never able to get very many packs. I wasn't able to afford many cards anyway and Alliances came out when I was between paper routes. However I did get a few packs for Christmas in 96 along with Mirage which had recently been released. I got a Phelddagrif and a Sworn Defender, so it was a pretty good Christmas.

Ice Age boosters I always had mixed feelings about, partially because I was expecting to much waiting for a Jesters cap, but usually I would get some pretty good white weenies with the various Kjeldorans and the Order knights.

Ice Age seemed to want to keep this trend, as one of the boosters I ordered came with all of 4 cards in it. They were not great… I don't know how this happened. It is the bottom booster if you can't tell from looking.

Here are the rares and a few cards of note… and by a few cards I mean the two Force of Wills that got pulled. I was quite pleased with this surprise, not only being one of the best counters in MTG with a 5 star player rating… they also fetch a pretty penny. I have decided to keep both for now. Since one of the other pulls was Lord of Tresserhorn who makes a fairly good Commander for the Commander format and has been made a zombie type in errata, I decided to make him the Commander of my zombie commander deck and replaced one of my lesser counters that had been in there with one of the Force of Wills.

Ok so enough about the cards. Lets get on to how the games went. Nicole and I played best of 3 and both of us drafted White/Green/Blue.

Game 1 went to me. With a Shyft enchanted with a Viscerid Armor I just kind of hammered on Nicole until she died. A fortuitous Touch of Vitae allowed me to surprise Nicole with a blocker the one turn she managed to get a creature out.

Ending Life Totals: Matt 23, Nicole 0

Notable Quote: "I had no creatures. That is why I died." - Nicole

Game 2 went to me as well. I had two Shambling Striders and Nicole had a Storm Crow and a Giant Albatross

Nicole got a good lead on my life before I was able to get my Striders out. So this one actually ended pretty close.

Endling Life Totals:
Matt 9, Nicole 3 (conceded before death blow)

Notable Quotes:
"I am going to peck you to death." - Nicole (making pecking motions with her hands)
"I have all these creatures but I am not drawing any." - Nicole
"I demand we keep playing!" - Nicole (fires of revenge flickering behind her normally innocent eyes)

And so we come to Game 3. The grudge match.

Nicole had a vast array of fliers and a few ground troops. I had a Fountain of Youth, a Witch Hunter, a Thoughtleech, and a Folk of An-Havva with a Regeneration on it. So, as you can imagine, the game drew out with me being able to block and regenerate to keep the ground forces at bay whilst I kept sending Nicole's strongest fliers back to her hand, and hoping I would draw something good while slowing gaining back some of my life. Nothing ever came. 

Endling Life Totals:
Matt 0, Nicole 12

Notable Quotes:
"Pecking has won the day!" - Nicole
"That was painful." - Me

When all was said and done it was a pretty fun night and I showed Nicole a bit of the next block we will hit, which will be Mirage. I then packed up all the cards, and noticed that if she had only drafted black then she probably could have obliterated me. Ah well such is magic.

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