Japanese Candies: Botan Rice Candy and ?


So I was home sick today with a general feeling of crumby-ness and my partner in crime Nimasprout decided to cheer me up by getting some Japanese candy from a specialty candy store in our area. It worked pretty well.

First up was the Botan Rice Candy, which features a sticker and a edible wrapper cleverly contained within the actual wrapper. It gets a little confusing when unwrapping it, but the candy was quite delicious.

This type (there are several) had a light citrus flavor that I really liked. Definitely will be getting this again if I go on a trip or just for snacks in the office.

Next up was this!… which I have no idea what it is, other than it is made by Morinaga. It appears to be some kind of mystery flavored candy which I can concur.. as I could not figure out the flavor after eating a few.

The box has a nice little punch in spot which you can press in to let candy out. It actually works unlike most American "press to open" boxes.

The candy itself seems to be flavored white chocolate around a flavored malt/crisp ball center. It is not bad, but not my favorite. I like to know what flavor something is… if I had to describe it, it kind of tasted like citrus strawberry.

I also got some Kit Kats, but that will be another article.

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