Hanakawa Tsubasa by Good Smile Company


It has been a while since I have had a chance to do a figure article, but Nisemonogatari started up here recently and I decided I was long overdue for a new figure. I decided to pick up Tsubasa Hanakawa from Good Smile Company.

It used to be really hard to track down figures from reputable sources, really there was mainly just J-List to order from or you could gamble on eBay or purchase from an other overseas distributer. Not any more, now it is pretty easy to find quite a few figures right on Amazon which makes everything much easier.

I am always amazed at the detail on the accessories for some of these figures, I also lament it a bit as well as I have to find a way to store any loose or extra ones so that they don't get lost or damaged.

I had to get out the macro lens for this figure, and let me tell you… setting it up on my ancient tripod is not very fun…

However the pictures it takes are worth the effort.

Broke out a dime for some size comparisons.



The macro lens and tripod also make it much easier to take good pictures of the figures faces. I am super happy with the photos I took.


Tiny, tiny, perfect manicure.

Hanekawa Tsubasa is a high strung book worm from the anime Bakemonogatari. When she gets stressed she starts to transform into a nekomimi, this is her in her 1/2 transformed state. When she fully transforms she has white hair, claws, cat eyes, tail, the whole shebang and a personality flip from timid and reserved to dangerously assertive.




This is a really amazing figure from Good Smile and I swear every time I get a new figure from them it shows that they keep improving. Now I just need to get Kanbaru and my collection of Bakemonogatari ladies will be complete.

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