Modular Shelving from Way Basics


So my book collection has been getting a bit out of hand, and as it was taking over the tops of my shelves where I normally put figures and you can only double stack your shelves with books so long as such I was in the market for some shelves. It was at this critical junction that I was introduced to which frequently has some pretty cool stuff on it, including a sale on some shelves from Way Basics which are both cheap and awesome. The deal was for 6 cubes at like 30% off so it was a good investment.

I was a bit worried as the external box was rather beat up, luckily the shelves themselves were packed individually and rather well so it all turned out good.

Yes! Checkboxes that both label what is inside and SHOW what it is talking about. Nothing more frustrating than a labeling system that just says "6 Unit California Ochre" or some other meaningless verbage.



Getting set up in my office which must constantly be protected from the wrath of the daystar lest it heat up to unmanageable levels now that spring/summer is upon us.


The packaging was conservative and well thought out. As a dog owner I appreciate that there was no styrofoam which my dog loves to try and steal whenever I am unpacking something. Everything in the box is recylable.

Construction of all six cubes took minimal effort, everything is held together with a few well placed plugs and pre-applied heavy duty tape strips. I was surprised at how sturdy these were once put together, and (in my opinion) they look great.

I also like that these are an item from a company whose sole purpose is to make stuff like this. I have had troubles in the past where I fall in love with a modular furniture line but it is part of a big box chain and next year when I finally need more storage space they have discontinued anything that matches what I purchased previously.


One set of 3 filled up right away, but I actually have a bit of breathing room on my second set of 3! I am sure that should at least last me until I read through 1/5th of my backlog books (I have a rule that a book doesn't go on a shelf till it has been read, as such.. I still have an overgrown pile of unread books (not pictured) somewhere in my room.)

So if you haven’t checked out you should (not at work though... they frequently have um.. questionable items on the front page i.e. designer dildos. Unless your work is cool with that sort of thing in which case, um, good for you?) and if you are a book geek or a figure geek, or both (like me!) or just someone that needs some cool modular shelving check out Way Basics.

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