Web Design: Logo for Tally's Treasury


So I have recently begun taking on some freelance work to expand my web design and development portfolio and part of that process has been to reach out to friends and see if they would be interested in some work being done for them. 

One of the first people I reached out to was Tally of Tally's Treasury and Desert Bus for Hope fame, who I have had some prior dealings with in that she is the amazing artist that I commissioned to do my plushie Scaled Wurm as well as a few other things.

Basically, after her making awesome things for me, and being just an awesome person in general, I wanted a way to give her something of value back (skill for skill you see) and build a bit of portfolio while I was at it. So I said "Hey, would you be interested in a logo and business cards?" and she was like "Yes." and so I got to work.

I started the process off just by asking a few questions, prefered colors, imagery, that sort of stuff and she provided a few files for reference and I just got to work mocking up some ideas in illustrator.

After some initial mockups and discussion we started to nail down the design. We went with a mixed format logo, both image and text and as such font was kind of a big deal. I am a fan of sans serifs so that was my starting point but I gave a gambit of some well designed fonts.

To my amusement she went for Futura which is pretty much the default font for creatives, a step up from Helvetica, and one of my favorite fonts.

Next was some additional refinement to the figure, making it cuter, truer to the felt beasties she creates for her Etsy shop, and color options. I started the color process with a green from a sample file she provided and then we refined it from there. When working with someone who knows color the best thing to do is provide them with some color charts and options, you shouldn't make the person create the color they want, that can get frustrating, just take a base color and make a color grid and work to get the right color from there. There were literally two emails between making this image and getting the ok on a color.

After the final image was settled on I set to work making the business cards. Tally had expressed her interest in non-standard shaped cards and I gave a few recommendations and we went forward with a square with rounded corners. I knew right way that I wanted to give it some kind of cloth texture and so I scanned a few felt scraps and found one with a clean texture and used it to give the card some crafty warmth. The overall design ended up being really clean and simple and I was really happy with it and even happier when I saw how well they printed.

I have a few more projects in the pipe that I hope to share with you in the near future and I will probably be talking about web stuff more often as it is a rather large part of my life so stay tuned to more stuff like this. You can see the finished printed cards over at Tally's website here.

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