Spring Camping 2012


This past weekend was my birthday and to celebrate (and because I wanted to get away a bit) I went on a camping trip to my favorite camping spot at Indian Cave State Park.

The weather was amazing, despite a forcast for thunderstorms, and the campground was populated with only a handful of campers, just enough to not feel lonely. The only issue was that I totally forgot that we had a super mild winter.. so the whole weekend was spent in terror of various creepy crawlies, but especially ticks. I mean... when you are setting up camp and int he first 15 minutes you have to pull a monster one off of your dog... well things are pretty bad.

Toshi didn't mind though. Well, once his blanket was put down within the confines of the bug discouraging tent. I call it bug discouraging because there were plenty of buggos full of piss and vinegar that bullied their way in.


The first evening was really peaceful, I got some good story notes done for some things I am working on and I took a mighty fine nap. So despite the chitinous assault during the brighter hours the evening was rather nice.

That was of course until the thunder bug came... There we were all huddled down in the tent, reading some Wheel of Time books when something that sounded like a diesel engine mated with a bumble bee started slamming itself against the tent sides heading towards the reading lamp. Luckily, the tent was shut up tight, but that didn't stop it from trying to burrow under the tent... if the bump it made was to be belived it was at least 4 inches long and 2 inches wide.. and it wanted to hump the shit out of our lantern. After a while it went away, but it was pretty terrifying. DSC_0026
The original plan was to spend the day hiking through the lush hardwood forest, but seeing as the trees were filled with ticks and the mechano love bug was somewhere out there, I settled on a few pictures of the are around camp.

Pretty though. You can't see them but about two feet in there is a line of desiccated bodies of people with either not enough DEET or common sense.

So most of the weekend was spent reading, napping, and the occasional drive around the campsites to see what other groups were down camping (and to cool off, it got pretty hot in the afternoon). Toshi probably had the most fun out of everyone.

IMG_1048 Look at dat face.

I just wanna pinch those cheeks.

Aww he is looken at the bugs gathering at the ceiling.

Now he's napping. What a little fluff. Arn't you the cutest.... (cough, cough) um... right sorry about that. If you had a dog you'd understand.

So yeah the weekend was pretty fun, I had a good birthday, got to try out my new bag Nicole got me (review up later) and got some creative work done. Wooo camping.

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