American Grave Yard + a Park


So I have been meaning to write this article for a while. As in nearly a month. Back when the weather was warmer I thought I would go out and try out the capabilities of my iPhone's camera. Where I decided to go was the only "State" cemetery in Nebraska, Wyuka Cemetery right here in Lincoln. Its known for its interesting layout and prominent monuments, and some rather nice memorials. On the day I went there happened to be a guided radio tour of the cemeteries various tree's which you could follow the markers and tune in on your radio for some interesting facts about that tree etc. I used the markers as a good way to navigate the cemetery as it is rather wandering.

IMG_0127 First up was this great little funeral chapel they have on the premises, it really reminded me of something out of a video game.

Next up was a series of some family mausoleums. There were pretty neat, we don't have many in Nebraska. Reminds me a bit of Dark Shadows.

This one was my favorite.

Nice to see that people still bring flowers to some of these really old graves. I don't mean to sound morbid, but I am sure its appreciated. :P

Western cemeteries, and American cemeteries especially, tend to be large and sprawling rather than compact, with the exception of island nations like the United Kingdom where they tend to recycle. :3

It seems this cemetery, located in the middle of a city mind you, has quite the little ecosystem. If you look carefully under the evergreen you will see that what looks like a cat in the picture was actually a little fox. I wonder what he lived on? The small squirrels and rabbits in the park? Or maybe the corpses. ^^

Here is one of those impressive monuments I was talking about.

This is the state fire fighters memorial. I have never been in a fire, and I hope I keep up my good luck, but I know some people who have and all I can say is the memorial is well deserved.

It's not a well known fact but Nebraska has a large Jewish community, based mostly in and around Omaha. This is a memorial to the family members of that community that perished in the Holocaust. There is a wall next to it with the names of those lost, the story of how the memorial came about, and the people that made it possible. I took pictures but it was just to reflective so none of them turned out.

Another nice little mausoleum. I really like the doors on this one and I thought it was interesting as it has a little bench by it. I was curious what it would be used for.. mourners? Picnics? Ghosts to stretch out on and enjoy the sun?

Got some unintentional, inspirational, sun glare on this one. This is part of the rather large military section of the cemetery.

Is it weird that I think these old white stones look like stale marshmallows?

IMG_0158 One of the more interesting family plots.

Yes its bigger than the tree. I saw two or three of these. Something about them makes me think the person drove a sports care in life... I joke... please don't haunt me. :3

Another example of a grave marker that is larger than a tree. The large markers all seemed to be in the same areas. I find it interesting that people still bother to segregate themselves upon death.

As I said in the title "+ a Park" I also went to Lincolns "Sunken Garden", I was underwhelmed. However they had this plant with fuzzy pink flowers I had to take a picture of.

IMG_0166 As you can see its by a fairly busy intersection, which echoes nicely once your inside, and it has plenty of people wandering about. In this case there was a reception of some sort going on.

Here you can see that it is "sunken" i.e. its a bit lower than the area around it, and it is rather well landscaped. Not pictured are the tons of people in the reception, not in the reception, and making out in public on a blanket in a flower patch, that was going on behind me. All in all I think the tenants at the cemetery were far better behaved and it was much more peaceful to visit :3

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