Figma: Mayoi Hachikuji from Max Factory


Recently (well… two months ago as I am writing this) I got my first Figma style figure as a gift for my birthday. As a rabid Bakemonogatari fan this Figma of Mayoi Hachikuji was guaranteed success.

I have always been amazed by the interesting poses fellow figure collectors are able to create using the extremely jointed Figma. I was curious if I would be able to make such interesting still-life as well.

A quick inventory of everything unwrapped. I appreciate that they include a ziplock for spare parts… these figures have lots of tiny moving pieces.

Instructions on how to assemble your battle ready robo-school girl ultimate fighter destruction mech. I may have misread a few (all) of the kanji. 


Optional faces in the ever popular smug cat smile, and rage.

Optional Leg pose.

So as it turns out… I am terrible at posing Figma… it probably has to do with my being descended from mariners, blacksmiths, and foresters… i.e. I have big meat paws. Though dextrous my fingers are not exactly delicate, so while the motor skills are there the delicate size required to maneuver was not… maybe next time I try I will use tweezers or chopsticks or something. At any rate… it took like 20 minutes for this wonderfully lifeless pose (I was able to get a better pose for the figure later after much trial and error). 

I am continually impressed by the detail and care that goes into these Japanese figures. They really are quite amazing. All the paint lines are clean, no plastic burs, and nothing left unfinished. Even the bottom of the shoes have a colorful tread painted on them.

I am really happy with my first Figma and as of right now and since finding a site ( that the pre-order experience is actually enjoyable I have locked in at least four others that will be released later this year.

One of the things I have discovered I really like about FIgma is that they are considerably more innocent in their execution as opposed to their fixed form larger scaled counterparts. Hachikuji is a great character and I wanted a figure of her, but the 1/8th scale versions that are out there are um… not ones I would want to put on my shelf. I mean.. the poses are pretty standard on those figures for female anime characters.. but Hachikuji is 12 years old… so yeah… only Figma or Nendoroid versions of the young characters is my rule… and with the addition of Figma's to my collection this allows me to get a plethora of characters I would not have considered before, who were too minor for Nendoroids but have shown up as Figma.

All in all this is a great figure and I look forward to getting more!

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