Pharox Solar Light Kit


So lately I have been obsessed with services like Fab and Kickstarter, so over the next few months I am going to be sharing some really cool stuff I have gotten through these services that may or may not be difficult to find. One of these things that I received recently was a nifty solar light and charger from Pharox.

DSC_0009The light comes in this nice plastic tub that you can, and should, keep to store it in when not in use. 


They call it a solar light kit, but it is mainly a solar panel that hooks up to an orb that contains the battery and a light… so but that might make it seem to limited in its functionality so they call it a kit. w/e.

On the bottom of the box, as you can see, the bottom plate attaches with clasps and is transparent so that you can store it with light panel up to charge it (the plug can wind around and plug into the battery/light unit while stored) which would be really handy when using this for say…. camping.

Oh right, and its is Quality Checked.

After unpacking everything this is what you have. Solar panel with 5v cord, the spherical light/battery unit, instructions, and a multi-converter for just about every usb-> phone adaptor ever.

Look at all those adaptions! LOOK AT THEM. I don't actually need any of them but it's the thought that counts. 

The Instructions show how to read the device and how to charge and operate it, as well as how to get to the battery if it ever needs to be replaced.

Here is the solar panel.

And here is the light/battery unit. I love the clean look of it, that is largely why I purchased it in the first place, it looked like something from a stark white utilitarian future.

From Left to Right: Light Adjustment Switch (3 modes), Battery Life Indicator, On/Off Button, DC plug, USB plug.

When the light is turned on it turns on these three ultra-white LED's that have a light yellow tinted covering to warm them slightly. I have been using the device as a portable reading light and it is actually quite a powerful little light. The back of the orb has a loop that allows you to lash or hang the orb for overhead light or to use like a lantern. I can attest that their battery life claims are accurate, the thing operates forever on a charge.

And it actually does a good job of charging a phone. This was the other reason I got it, I wanted a way to charge my phone when camping that didn't involve me plugging in to my car.

I haven't had a chance to use it camping yet, mainly because the weather has been terrible this summer, the heat making it impossible to go out without it being dangerous, so I will just keep using it as a reading light until this fall when I have a chance to see how well it works in the field. From what I have seen so far, I have hight hopes.

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