Wooden Bender by Toynami


If I was asked to name one show that I could watch over and over and never grow tired of, it would be Futurama. For a while now I have been looking into various Futurama figures, but sadly many are not very well executed, and with the exception of the KidRobot series I have not picked up any. That is, until I saw people tweeting about the Wooden Bender figures they were finding at SDCC which is curious because it was apparently released in 2010. Bender being my favorite character (…my cars nickname is Bender…) I couldn't resist! And so…
Oh yeah. Do the Bender. This is my first figure from Toynami so I was very interested to see what the quality of the figure was like.

The external packaging is really well put together. The printing is clean and the feel of the packaging real matches well with the show. So far so good.

DSC_0149Ok, everything is out, the internal packaging was not as thorough as some others I have encountered, but was better than most toys from a U.S. headquartered company. Wooden bender comes with two extra sets of eyes, the default is angry but he also has an impassive/sly and worried look. Here he is sporting the worried look.

The figure is fairly well painted, the arms and legs are unpainted and the joints on both are superficial. He was rather difficult to stand unless placed on a very flat surface.



Here he is from the rear view. I have to commend Toynami, they have done a very good job mimicking a higher quality figure while keeping the price low. I should mention that this Wooden Bender figure is about $20 and can be found on most any figure site. I got mine from ToyWiz.com.

As you can see Bender's splintery wooden ass is emblazoned with Matt Groening's signature and trademarks and copyright, who made it and where it was made. Which is curious because…

The Figures door works… and that info could have all fit on the inside of it which would have been both a excellent reference to where the makers mark appears in the show and would have left the external surface of the figure unmarred with all that.


My final verdict is that at $20 the figure is a good value and is a really great item for people (like me) who love the heck out of Futurama and Bender, and he makes a welcome edition to my collection of scant few other Futurama figures. Though as I am typing this I am seeing some promising things coming out of KidRobot in that department, that may lead me to expanding that part of my collection significantly.

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