Talking Bender from Toynami


When I ordered Wooden Bender I saw that Talking Bender was currently on sale, and so.. being the bargain hunter that I am, I jumped at the chance and ordered him too. Now… several weeks later I am finally getting around to talking about him.

Talking Bender has been around for awhile, I just never got around to ordering him until recently. Luckily, or a testament to the relatively dead American figure market, this figure is not sold out anywhere even years after release.



Here we are all unpacked and ready for sass. Talking bender comes with removable eyes and a chest door.


The first thing I noticed about this figure was that It was rather difficult to stand. Hands to far forwards or backwards and he tumbles. The only pose I could keep him stable in was celebratory, and so he shall be. You can almost here the "Whoooo!"


From the back you can see the battery casing, speaker box, and activation button.


In case you forgot who created Futurama and who created the figure…

Some unfortunate plastic burs on the legs.

Open door. No head of Lucy Liu… which would have been the correct thing to do.

Just enough space for some money or something… I don't know. If you put anything in he might fall over.


Hanging out with some other denizens of the Futurama Universe.

Ok so what do I think about Talking Bender? He is a pretty fun novelty toy even though his collectors quality isn't very high. He is pretty par for the course for U.S. design Chinese made toy. An essential piece for a toy collector? No. An awesome piece of Futurama merch? Yes. If you are a fan of Bender and Futurama like me then he is a great figure to add to your shelf. If not you should probably pass.

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