Wandering Seattle Pre-PAX 2012


In 2011 I attended my first PAX and had an absolute blast. So when the time came round again, and the tickets went up on twitter, I jumped all over it and got two three day passes right away. This proved to be a good move as the site came down a few minutes after I got my confirmation and when they brought it back up the passes were all sold out in a matter of hours. It sure is a good thing I spend nearly every waking moment on the internet.

This year I wanted to get a chance to see more of Seattle so when I booked the hotel I made the reservation for two days before PAX opened. This way I would get most of Wednesday and Thursday to bum around Seattle, and on Thursday night I had tickets for the Kris and Scott Scott and Kris Live show. In fact those first two days were so packed with awesome that they are getting their own super post about it! So here we go, Pre-PAX Prime 2012.

Now I hate to start the story a quarter in… but the first few things we did in Seattle went largely undocumented as it was mostly chilling with friends. On Wednesday we went to the Pike Street Market and bummed around for several hours winding through its various tunnels, exploring book stores, and raiding a gluten free bakery. That night we met up with some friends to get dinner at Ristorante Machiavelli with our friends Tally and Jer, and a few of their friends. Later we met back at the hotel lobby of the Westin to play some MTG Commander which was a lot of fun despite my being mana screwed the entire game. The next day involved a serious trek to get breakfast with our friends Thomas, Tally, and Jer at Toulouse Petit which was worth the walk. Afterwards we took a bus to Card Kingdom.
Which was absolutely amazing. Wall to wall table top games of every variety and game play rooms for just about any game you could ever want to play.

The decor was stunning and unlike any other game shop I had ever visited.

Just look at this! The place was an absolute feast for the eyes and an incredible danger to my wallet and carry-on luggage.

After wandering the store a bit we headed into the cafe and bar attached to Card Kingdom called Cafe Mox. Thomas treated us to some amazing local Ciders which I promptly recorded in my phone for later possible ordering through my local liquor store, and we all settled in to a game of BANG!, more drinks, and some tasty appetizers.

Then it was another bus back to Seattle center where Nicole had discovered the Pacific Science Center had King Tut on display.

I would like to give a shout out to our friend Thomas (@stealingzen on twitter) who was the consummate guide to Seattle through our little adventure. The city should consider giving him an ambassadorship.

DSC_0003Thomas had to run off to run some errands which left Nicole and I to explore the PSC which was a lot less museum and a lot more tourist attraction than we liked, but we did get to see some pretty cool stuff. Like this guy.

And this tablet

And this other guy.

I was really amazed at the craftsmanship that went into this statuary.

I mean, after its all cleaned up like this, it is really hard to tell its age, this could have been carved yesterday and damaged in shipping.

Now what I tried really hard not to picture is all of the asshats around that were taking picture on their smart phones. You know… the ones with no zoom so they have to get up really close and loom over both placard and the object itself in such a way as to block it from all other site. I had to get real creative to get some of the pictures I did… the place was absolutely stuffed to the brim with smartphone wielding d-bags.

Little known fact. This box once contained the Internet, it had been sealed away by Egyptian magicians until it was opened, releasing the internet from its bonds, it remains at large to this day.



Now this was just crazy. I thought the Stargate sets were overly lavish, but as it turns out… that is just how Egypt was.


Early evidence of lines to get free swag at conventions.














So after all the cool artifacts I was really pumped up to finally see Tut himself, or at least his death mask. I mean, we had seen all his loot, his board games, his jewelry, his little fancy organ containers, surely the next thing after this giant symbol would be Tut right? Wrong. It was the gift shop. No Tut, no Tut death mask. Just some of his shit and the gift shop followed by a poorly lit fiberglass replica of him by the exit doors. Everything prior was pretty cool, but not actually seeing Tut was a pretty big let down.

After the Tut exhibit we headed across the walkway to the year round displays.


The butterfly area was my favorite.









After the PSC we met up with Thomas again and went to the Museum of Music, Pop-culture, and Science Fiction

Whoever did the design work for this place did an awesome job.










They had lots of cool props from some of my favorite films there and it was a great place to wander around. If you are in Seattle you should probably check it out.

After the gift shop we took another bus and then a long walk home to shower and nap before getting up and going to see the Kris and Scott Scott and Kris show at The Triple Door which was absolutely amazing. I laughed so hard my stomach started to cramp. That night we stumbled home drunk on funny and the collapsed exhausted… and PAX was still yet to come.

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