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So ever since I discovered (or rather was informed) of the existence of Otacute, I have been on kind of a crazy figure pre-order binge, b/c they handle pre-orders better than any other site I have tried them with in the past. So now I have been getting this wonderful flood of figures in and pretty much every figure from Bakemonogatari is finding a home in my collection. Recently Araragi Karen arrived and I couldn't be happier.

True fact: I love the packaging on all my figures, and my closet is slowly filling with empty boxes. Beautiful, beautiful boxes.


Here is everything that comes with Karen. Various hands, including two varieties of "attack" hands, short hair, angry face, mischievous face, and socks in addition to her default look.


I love the expression on the face. The hand painted finish on these figures is just incredible.


Karen is your typical "sporty" character, a little bit hyper, and a little bit tsundere.


In the anime she was usually performing some act of violence upon Koyomi usually in the form of an uppercut or headbutt.

As such, Karen comes with a power spiral accessory that doesn't photograph well unless in use with another figure.



One of my favorite features of this figure is the bee design on the bottom of the shoe. If you have watched the series you would understand its significance.


Another interesting feature of this figure is the perfectly sculpted baggy clothes. Most figures I have encountered so far have had fairly form fitting attire with the exception of a skirt. Karen is always wearing athletic apparel and this yellow combo is her main attire, so I am really glad to see that this is how she is dressed when she was translated into a figure.

This is a great figure even if you are not a Bakemonogatari fan as its pretty darn unique when compared to the slue of school uniformed figures out there. It's variation of hand gestures and articulation points also give you lots of fun action poses you might not normally get from a figure that isn't from an action anime.

Araragi Karen listing on Otacute

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