Boba Fett Cloud City Ver. ARTFX+ Statue


This past holiday season as I was perusing B&N for some gift ideas I happened upon a stack of Boba Fett and Darth Vader ARTFX+ Statues by Kotobukiya. I was rather surprised to see them there, considering they are Out of Stock from Kotobukiya and generally you can only get them on the secondary market now. But alas, I did not have the funds to drop at the time as they were all tied up for getting gifts for people other than me. However, my compatriot and accomplice in many things Nimasprout noted my dejection and when Xmas rolled round I found myself with a bounty hunter all wrapped up under the tree. Ok, so really she gave it to me a week early because it was just sitting in our living room by her desk when I got home from work one day, but lets pretend it was wrapped and put under the tree.

The packaging is very simple and I appreciate that.

Here is everything out of the box. It is advertised as a "model/statue kit" on some sites which I think is weird because…there really is no assembly. There is A pose and B pose, an depending on which one you want you switch out the arms…

The black square is a magnetic stand that needs to be a tad bit stronger but works fairly well.

Here we have pose A.




Some nice detailing on the shoulder and helmet, though the signs of wear come off looking a bit too intentional.

Pose B is all up in your face with a blaster.


Pew Pew Pew



I really like this figure and it is a fresh…helmet… in my collection of mostly nendroids and Bakemonogatari figures. Boba Fett is manning up the place.

A great find for a Star Wars fan and a great gateway into the world of quality figures, this is a good buy all around!

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