Figma: Skyward Sword Link


So I am more excited than usual to do an article about this figure. Not only because it is Link from the Legend of Zelda, but because it had a little adventure of it's own making its way to me.

As a savy figure investor I knew that this figure would quickly double and perhaps triple in price soon after it came out and when it came up for pre-order on Otacute I clicked that button so hard my AIM account felt it, and all was right and good with the world.

DSC_0012 Here are all of the lovely things that come with the figure.

Now when it came time for the figure to arrive, in fact the day I was expecting it, our mail person gave me the key to the wrong parcel box. As in, we got a key to a parcel box (Hurray!) but when I opened it, it contained someone else's package. So, as any reasonable person would do, I took the package to the apartment office and then left a note in my mail box saying "Hey mailman, I think you switched packages on me. Just FYI I am now looking for a missing package."

Days passed, and still I did not get my expected package. I went to the mail annex and let them know that I thought that a package had been misdelivered. They were rather unhelpful about it. Apparently misdelivery (which I found out later is to be reported as stolen) is not a big deal to them. Days turned into weeks and I notified Otacute that the package was MIA. They were a little more helpful about it, saying that while they couldn't do anything without tracking they would notify me and try to re-ship it if the package was returned to them.

This shield is just too awesome. When I opened it I very nearly just stared at it for 5-10 minutes.

Eventually I had to report the mail as missing/stolen to the proper authorities and just had to consider it lost for all time.

Then one friday I come home and my wife is just grinning ear to ear. THERE IT WAS! On a whim she stopped by the apartment office and it had been turned into them that very day. Opened… oddly enough (I guess some people can't tell if mail is for them until after they accidentally commit a felony) but everything unharmed and intact!

And how wonderful it is because this figure is just amazing.


Now this bothered me a bit. I know this is officially a Skyward sword figure, and in Skyward Sword Link is right handed.. but it just feels off to me.

Link shown here with his "action face" and "action hair" accessories.

Gotta strike that Skyward sword pose.

Lets just focus on the shield again.

You know… the holes on that shield look like I can alter how it is held… *sifts through the various hand options* Whats this? A left handed sword grip? Can it be?


So what if the baldric isn't correct for balancing the weight of how I have the scabbard and shield mounted. Left handed Link is where it's at.





Dear 12 Year old me. Life is pretty great.

Ok if you didn't get this figure in the pre-order… I am sorry… it's a fair bit more now… however I will tell you that it is worth every penny. It is absolutely stunning and I was quite willing to essentially pay triple for it when my pre-order was lost and I would have had to buy a replacement. Max Factory straight up injected plastic with nostalgia and packaged it for you for all time.

You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

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