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I have often mentioned to my apt manager and friends that my residence has a spider problem ie there are often unaturally sized aborations of nature that appear with the singular intent to feed on my nightmares. When they would appear, say crawling out from behind my monitor (true story), my obvious response was to kill them with fire as they were rather resistant to sprays, shoes, and vigorous insults. This method of dispatch didn’t exactly leave a suitable corpse to back up my tales and I certainly wasn’t going to try and take a picture or capture one while the damnable thing was still living. Tonight, however, with some luck, if you could call it that, I came upon a corpse while cleaning behind my subwoofer. It appears in addition to fire, these unholy beasts have a weakness to phat beats. At least that is what I wish to assume and not that it had met it’s fate to a spider larger. I have seen the larger ones feed upon there inferiors. I would hate to think there was some fifty cent piece sized son of a bitch still alive on the premise. At any rate here is a corpse, average I would say of the range I saw in size, in it’s death throes and it still gives me the chills. Seriously though…. Fuck spiders.

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